Welcome to Japan! It’s a splendid time to visit Kyoto and our box – you are most welcome to join us ^v ^ /

If you would like to book a Drop In click here:

We are a small box with classes limited to 8 people (for safety reasons and so that we can insure high quality coaching).
Since we like to make sure our members get first dibs and due to the fact that we’ve had so many no-shows or sudden cancellations by visitors we had to resort to offering drop in reservations for certain weekday classes only.

We recommend you check our schedule close to the time you’d like to join and let us know by email. Be forewarned: the schedule fluctuates a lot as our members tend to change bookings till one hour before their WOD, therefore during the busier tourist seasons (March/April, July/August, October/November) we might not be able to confirm your slot before that one hour cut off, sorry!

As a visiting CrossFitter we offer you our T-Shirt (50% Organic Cotton / 50% recycled PET) for free! It is included in your drop-in fee of Yen 3,500 (in cash please, thanks). Also, we do give discounts on 4+ drop-ins if you book and pay ahead of time, i.e. after your first visit 🙂

We have a reception area and changing rooms upstairs but no showers (just a sink) as the building is too old for modern plumbing – the walls are made of mud, wait till you see our “wall” ball targets!

Please confirm when you hope to drop in so we can tell our coach to be ready for you, cheers!

Looking forward to meeting you & WODing together.
Best WOD (= Wishes Of the Day)

CrossFit Kyoto

PS. Some people tell us that finding our box is a WOD in itself 😉 – so please allow enough time to arrive 5-10 minutes before the class starts. Our coaches are serious about the warm-up. We are happy to send you more detailed directions with our confirmation in case you don’t have a cell phone with access to our map link.

A few places of interest near the box that you could visit before your WOD:
‘Gosho’ Imperial Palace & Park, the Nijo Castle, plus a couple of famous traditional Japanese Green Tea places.


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