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Make great friends!

Mid 50's * 2/week

ポール・クラウス 京都(アメリカ) 50代半ば


I really like going to CrossFit Kyoto. 
Russell is a great coach. I am older and have both back and knee problems. Russell modifies the workouts to meet my needs. He is really good at knowing how to push me to be my best without getting hurt. 
Also, I REALLY like the community aspect of the gym. I have made many great friends there, both Japanese and foreign - of different ages from all walks of life. There is something powerful about bonding while sweating. 
I haven’t been this strong since I played American football in college three decades ago. My wife says that she likes my muscles, too.

Paul Crouse (US), mid 50's, Kyoto CrossFit 2/week





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