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Burn fat and thrive

Interval training 3 days a week for effective fat burn!

Starting to get a gut...
Doing the same things but gaining weight...
Don’t like wearing short sleeves because of flabby arms...
Not even looking forward to a beach holiday because of the change in size & shape...
Just don't have the confidence or commitment on my own...


Crossfit Kyoto is the optimal solution!


Interval training is the repetition of high-intensity training mixed in with short breaks. Crossfit Kyoto incorporates interval training to promote effective fat burning. In fact, this effect last for 24 hours after exercise (afterburn effect).


The truth is, it is impossible to lose weight in specific locations (spot reduction). Burning more calories by working more muscle groups can help you burn fat instead of storing it. Crossfit Kyoto recommends exercise 3 times a week. However, benefits can be had from even 2 sessions a week.


Crossfit Kyoto also recommends that people of average physical build focus not only on their bodyweight, but also on body fat percentage when evaluating the benefits of their diet. This is because weight can increase when you work your muscles. Your bodyweight may be the same (or may have increased) but:
My butt is perkier!
I got a toned stomach!
I wear a size smaller now!
My legs are nicely shaped!
I just feel so much better now and so I eat less and don't need alcohol every night.
This is feedback we often hear from members.


We recommend Crossfit Kyoto for the following types of people!

  • People who want to have fun while improving their bodyweight
  • People who want to counteract their flabby butt or arms
  • People who don’t want to diet but want to be healthy
  • People who want to maintain their youth
  • People who want to reduce their body fat





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