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My shoulder pain is gone in 3 months!

age 32, * 1/week

Hello, I'm Satoshi Yamada. In April this year (2019) I joined the ‘Crossfit Kyoto Family’ (Ela said to me: “You are not only our gym member but also our family member”
After completing the Fundamental Course over a couple of months I have joined the regular classes.
When I started doing CrossFit i felt very anxious at first, because I suffered from back trouble. But Coach Russell has an exceptional mastery of coaching, therefore I have never had any back pain from Crossfit. (Though, of course, my whole body is sore after the workouts) 
For a year and a half I also used to have stiff shoulders but recently that stiffness is basically gone. 
3 months into starting Crossfit and I can't imagine living without: No Crossfit = No life 
Satoshi, age 32, Kyoto
CrossFit 2/week




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