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New CrossFit Kyoto website opened!

As CrossFit Kyoto is moving its location, we re-newed our website!


New location is Kitaoji-Shinmachi. Re-open is planed on the 1st November:) With this, we created new website and new logo.


Concept of the website

Our concept is health of mind and body. Let's walk on your own and stay healthy untill 100:) Many associate CrossFit with people who want to get muscular. At CrossFit Kyoto, our focus is on supporting health development for each individual rather than focus on getting ripped. We want everyone to be healthier than your self before.
For this, balance is important. Not just muscle, flexibility, cardiovascular function, refreshing your mind are essential.

In addition to those, eating habit and nutrition is important. Our goal is to contribute to our society by supporting your mind and body health.


CrossFit Koyoto's lively color concept

The color theme/concept of our website and new logo (and our gym too!) is "BLUE & GREEN" These colores represent our passion to create lively/bright/fun place. We chose fresh green and water blue. The new gym used to be SENTO(public bath), so we also wanted to keep the color used in sento as bath tiles or ceiling.


It was such a trial and error to create a website to convey our goals with our design/color concept. We were very lucky to find a wonderful web-creator. We worked together for many months to complete this website.


Wakaba-chan(Young Leaf Chan)

The Wakaba-chans(Wakaba Kun) show up in our website. Wakaba means young leaf in Japanese but it also came from our ex-gym which had been SENTO(public bath). The sento was called Wakaba-yu. Yu means hot water or public bath. 


These Wakaba-chans were done by a desiner who is also one of our CrossFit Kyoto members! This conversation triggered us to ask him to desing these illustrations.


Ela "He is so good at drawing, this is a sketch he sent me by email, can I show you? Because I cannot go to Kamo river due to fracture, he sketched Kamo river and sent to me, isn't he so sweet?"


His sketch looked great and warm! We were saying it's going to be the best if he could do some illustrations, and we said "Wakaba chan!":) Wakaba chans are running, getting injured, high-five-ing and the are so cute!




One of our CrossFit Kyoto members help to illustrate Wakaba(Leaf)-chans. So cute! All the photo on our website was take by a professional photographer Paul. So many members came together for the photoshoot to make the photos wonderful and diverse! Also, this website was not possible without grant, and Kyoto economic groups' support were essential to make this possible. CrossFit Kyoto is so fortunate. We are so happy to have your all, wonderful members, great&skilled creators and other supporters! With your help, this new website is finally launched.

Thank you all so much! ありがとう!


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