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We officially opened in Kitaoji! 


Wonderful flower came! White Ajisai, Allium and the roses even have Kaori-scent 🙂 We placed the beauty right at our entrance for everyone to enjoy.



We can workout in the new space no problem but shower is still not available. Hot water is running but we don't have shower rod yet. Sorry! We are working on it;)  Rack is not yet screwed down to the ground. We will see how the training goes and decide the rack possition soon. 


At CrossFit Kyto, we have Wakaba Class that is ideal for people aged 60 and older and also for people who don’t normally exercise and aren’t confident in working out.


Our trial class is available any time. Please apply online from the button below.

Trial Class

Welcome to CrossFit Kyoto Family! 





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