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CrossFit Kyoto > > Our Bandai (reception) is installed now :)

Our Bandai (reception) is installed now :)

Our Hikkoshi (the Big Move) will be completed soooooon. The Venus-shower was tested the other day: We put up the shower curtain rail to figure out the positioning of the partition between the wet and dry area. The shower curtain selection was done a while ago and we are still eagerly expecting their arrival. Once here the installation can hopefully get completed, and if all goes according to plan we will have two out of three shower booths available to start with.


This weekend, the reception was completed. The 'Bandai' (Japanese public bath reception) is back! Our land lord kindly enough kept it for us in his parking space. It needed some repair but it is a very charming, stable and fine piece of retro furniture.



Kyoto's Famous Foreign Carpenter (!?)


V chan from Tahiti is presently Kyoto's and possibly the world's famous and skillful carpenter  .... haha, gotcha!

Our members keep surprising us with their countless skills!

Carpentry is actually not her profession but she has a great many skills and manages to use all kinds of carpenter's tools with ease. The reception and some of the lockers have gone through quite the make-over thanks to V's help and she's almost done with our new weightlifting platform, too - stay posted! Thank you V-chan!


Personal Training space


The room where the Bandai was installed is a personal training space. We can do either personal training, small group classes and our own stretching before or after classes here. In the back we have a comfy community space for everyone to hang out before or after training. Let's have a cuppa together!



To start personal training, our white board has been installed. We also started classes here with Ms. T - she was our first client when we introduced the 'Wakaba Class'. T-san just told us that she hasn't done any kind of exercise since her school days 😉 and that she's already feeling the difference. What makes her smile the most is when other members notice and actually tell her how her posture changed perceptively and this after only just completing the Fundamental classes in November, WOW! Well done T-san!!
'Wakaba Classes' are ideal for people who don't feel confident about exercise, are recovering from an injury, or for people who are 60+. Come try and find out for yourself about all the things you can achieve that you never thought you could!



Notification board


Right by our entrance, we installed a new info board - here you can see our latest news or get updates about the schedule.



For your convenience and just to make sure you see all that's going on, we've got another Info & notification board on the glass wall between the main workout area & the personal training space 🙂



At the moment it's showing you the "Coach Schedule for December" and our "Holiday Schedule" for the end of year. Check it out! 🙂






Our trial class is available any time. Please apply online via the button below.


At CrossFit Kyoto, we offer a "Wakaba" class.

It is ideal for people who don't feel confident about exercise,

are recovering from an injury, or for people who are 60+.


Trial Our Crossfit Class


Eat well, move more, feel better, and live&give your best!



Crossfit Kyoto, training and sports gym, is located in Kitaoji and a mere 13 min subway ride from Kyoto station.

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