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CrossFit Kyoto > > Christmas WOD is coming up on the 25th!★☆彡

Christmas WOD is coming up on the 25th!★☆彡

Hi from CrossFit Kyoto 🙂


Everyone, MERRY CHRISTMAS with Best Wishes for the Holy-days from CrossFit Kyoto!


Yesterday Sunday, December 22, we had a Christmas Special Workout and we have another Christmas WOD planned for December 25th, during our Wednesday evening classes!





Our first Christmas WOD circuit training at the new venue


We've had our first Christmas WOD circuit training in the new sports gym at Kita-ku and it was great fun! Thank you all, Santa's Little Helpers, for training with so much dedication even on a Sunday! We're sure you will be able to load Santa's sleigh and deliver all those presents on time, even if you have to climb up through the chimney! 


Come join more merriment by booking your class on Christmas Wednesday, December 25th: 17:30 / 18:45 and 20:00:  Santa came up with another special Christmas workout - HO HO HO!




Be a Santa for circuit training!


V-chan, suitably wrapped as a Christmas gift 🙂


J-San-ta loading the gifts onto the


M-San-ta carrying presents and climbing up the chimney !



WOD with us! It's FUN 😀



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