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Come and have tea with us :)

Crossfit Kyoto's new flyer is now available 🙂 Crossfit Kyoto is a great "UnDojo" for adults. It's a play on words: Undojo is a playground in Japanese and Dojo means gym 😉


The new flyer also shows our community space but. before we talk about that here is the front of the new flyer:



The animal drawings were taken from 'Choju-giga' which is an 'Emakimono' (an illustrated scroll) that was handed down to Kozan-ji Temple, Ukyo Ward in Kyoto City, next to our venue in Kita-ku. It is said that this is the oldest 'Manga' (comic) in Japan. Can you find our Head Coach Russell, Coach Tatsuro or Ela among the animals!? We were transformed into animals playing in the UnDojo.



The new CrossFit Kyoto flyer is an A4 paper folded in two. Inside it looks like this:


On the right it shows our community space. We wanted to keep part of the O'furo (bath tub) from the old Sento (public bath) era and successfully turned it into a seating area for a community space.



Please feel free to enjoy a cup of tea, chat with your buddies, work on a laptop or iPad, read up on the latest CrossFit blog or share your bento with others.


Tea, coffee and drinks are available as self-service. We have English tea, coffee☕, Japanese tea, Rooibos tea and a variety of other herbal teas. Drinks with our well water are soooooo tasty and especially good for you!



Please put 200 yen or a Drink Ticket per tea/coffee purchase into our coin box and enjoy your hot drink in the hot tub ;D - for your comfort we have an electric blanket inside the seating area 🙂


Let's relax before and/or after your training ♪





Trial classes are available any time. Please apply online via the button below.


At CrossFit Kyoto, we offer "Wakaba" classes.

Ideal for people who don't feel confident about exercise,

are recovering from an injury, or for those who are 60+.

Trial Our Crossfit Class


Eat well, move more, feel better, and live & give your best!



Crossfit Kyoto, training and sports gym, is located in Kitaoji and a mere 13 min subway ride from Kyoto station.

(Circuit training, personal training)







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