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CrossFit Kyoto > > The Never-Ending-Story of our do-it-yourself shower WOM (workout of the month! =:o) ~ Part II

The Never-Ending-Story of our do-it-yourself shower WOM (workout of the month! =:o) ~ Part II

So we have good news and less good news. Which one would you like first? Here, let us decide for you 😉

Good news first, perfectly in time for Christmas: here at CrossFit Kyoto 'The hottest shower in Kita-ku' :D!

Our beautiful Venus Shower is now ready for you to use, complete with hooks for your clothes & towel, stone bath mat and soap holders.

It’s accessible from both the Personal Training space and from the community and changing areas.


The previous cold bath remodeled into a shower.
It features a Mt Fuji shower curtain and a stone statue of Venus to take care of your soap bottles and maybe even watch over you 😉


Ela using all her dyi-might to sink the anchors for hooks into the tiled wall -


...AND ta-daah♪ - now you can hang your clothes and towel on the hooks and hanger (until we’ve installed the towel rod on the opposite side)


Feel free to use our up-cycled sento lockers, baskets and cubby holes to store your clothes and bags.



So as of today you can plan your day and night out on the town with a date right after your workout, feeling refreshed in both body and mind! The less good news you wonder? Sorry! not all three showers are quite complete yet... though one can still be enjoyed as a spacious single changing room. We will keep you posted on our quest for the perfection of our unique Sento-style shower cabins.


Close the sliding (or should we say rolling?) for more privacy


Remember our last post on the ‘shower saga’? We have now solved the thin curtain and door opening space issues by putting in a simple sliding door. It’s yet another one of our fun up-cycling endeavours. Not only are we re-using our beautifully crafted traditional wood & reed-doors but we’re also bringing back the Wakabayu Noren (a traditional Japanese entrance curtain) that were so kindly offered by our land lady and previous o’furo owner. Yamamoto san said she owns plenty of these colorful noren and she was just as excited as us to see them being reused. Rather than sitting in her drawers they are being fully appreciated again, despite the rather unconventional application 🙂


Since yesterday traditional summer style reed door upcycled and ‘seasoned’ with a winter noren (curtain material) from our Landlady.
What a lovely memory of her Sento days.
Thank you, Yamamoto Santa san 🙂 - it felt a bit like Christmas to receive all her lovely material!


Noren curtains in Japan

Noren are ubiquitous throughout Japan, usually found outside public baths & spas, traditional shops & restaurants, like sushi, noodle and sweets shops, and little pubs or stalls. They are simple fabric squares,- typically linen, hemp or more recently cotton - partly sewn together to form a curtain and then hung outside the entry door to let you know that the shop is now open (just like our showers, lol). Depending on their width, noren have either one slit or two, almost as if to beckon us inside, triggering curiosity to find out what’s hidden behind 😉

Mainly meant to be a soft & gentle partition between inside and outside, they also function as an attractive billboard and often depict a seasonal theme, especially in the case of a Sento (public bath). The colourful drapes flapping in a cold winter storm or gently moving with a slight summer breeze seem to be filled with promise... Do you dare to take a step into the world beyond?
Step through our doors at CrossFit Kyoto and enter a different space and who knows, a new improved life?! We offer several trial classes every week to match your schedule.

Come see for yourself how much joy there can be with a caring team supporting your endeavor to move more, eat well and feel better.




It takes as little as ONE step to start on the path to improved health and well-being. Take that step into a New Year, discover a new ゆ YOU😉 and come join us!





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Eat well, move more, feel better, and live & give your best!


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