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CrossFit Kyoto > > Well water is now available at CrossFit Kyoto!

Well water is now available at CrossFit Kyoto!

Now we have well water available at Crossfit Kyoto!


There are 14,000 CossFit boxes in the world but we think we might be the only box that features real well water !(?) 



Digging into the story of Well Water at CrossFit Kyoto


When searching for a new location, CrossFit Kyoto was looking for a spacious property with high ceilings, centrally located and good access to public transport. Finding the right place to meet our needs turned out to be quite the challenge. Then we found Wakaba-Yu.


Our new venue used to be a Sento (public bath house). It was operated for 65 years and loved by all, not just the locals. Wakaba Yu used well water for all its baths and the water quality was highly praised. Many people traveled long distances to drink and bathe in the waters of Wakaba-Yu (Young Leaf Hot Spring). Since ancient times, well water is considered to be the source of life.


Also a Sento is a place where people gather to relax, stay healthy and have fun together. This is very much in alignment with CrossFit Kyoto's ideals.



We believe that a place with active well water is a place where life energy also bubbles up.


Please enjoy our well water during your training 🙂


The Wakaba-Yu well water was tested to check its safety for our members and passed with flying colours! You can see the great scores our water received below:



Since the old pipes had deteriorated we needed to get them replaced during our renovation process. In December we needed yet more construction work to make well water access possible in our kitchen. Regular city water was all that was available from this tap after the gym renewal. Now the same tap provides all the benefits of well water for everyone to enjoy!



Rather than purchasing water in PET bottles, please bring your own refillable bottle and benefit from our well water - Of course Take-Out ok, too! 😀







Trial classes are available any time. Please apply online via the button below.


At CrossFit Kyoto, we offer "Wakaba" classes.

Ideal for people who don't feel confident about exercise,

are recovering from an injury, or for those who are 60+.


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Eat well, move more, feel better, and live & give your best!



Crossfit Kyoto, training and sports gym, is located in Kitaoji and a mere 13 min subway ride from Kyoto station.

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