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Crossfit Training you can do at home

In this section Head Coach Russell answers questions we receive from those who join our Crossfit classes or from our Crossfit Kyoto members.


Q: What kind of training can I do to have better core strength?


A: To be able to transfer the power of the legs to the bar in a squat we need anti-extension and anti-flexion exercises, in other words, training to keep the spine stable. A classic anti-extension exercise is the plank.


We suggest starting with 3 rounds of 20 seconds every 90 seconds. It would look like this:
20 sec plank
70 sec rest
20 sec plank
70 sec rest
20 sec plank
70 sec rest

Try this 3 times per week.


If you find it easy you can increase to 3 rounds of 30 seconds every 90 seconds. In this way the work increases and the rest decreases.


You can also try adding more rounds if you have time.
3 rounds of 30 sec work takes only 3 min 30 sec.
5 round of 30 sec work takes 6 min 30 sec to complete.


If you find you are comfortable with 3 days per week then add another day to your schedule.


If you want constant variation, each session could be a different hold.
1st day: plank
2nd day: arch hold
3rd day: hollow hold


If you are interested in a more individualised routine, feel free to book a personal training consultation with Russell or Tatsuro. They are happy to give you more specific recommendations based on your specific goals, time availability, condition and limitations.


For more details regarding Crossfit Consultations and Personal Training, see this page.




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