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CrossFit Kyoto > > Personal training room & community space now warm - just in time for the New Year!

Personal training room & community space now warm - just in time for the New Year!

A Happy New Year from Crossfit Kyoto!



As most of the members know, it’s been chilly in our Personal Training and community space, despite having a giant kerosene stove. We’ve been wondering what that draft was that would ever so often surprise us.


The draft was coming from this lovely ceiling window and also the warm air went straight up there:



As you may already know we have remodeled an o’furo or sento (public bath) and the actual bathing part of the building features a lovely high wooden ceiling window. This is wonderful for a bath house as the hot steamy air gets funneled up and out through that chimney-like opening and keeps the bath from getting all moldy. It’s not as fun when those little gaps at the top let the cold winter air sink in. We needed a solution!


Luckily the previous Sento owner Mr. Yamamoto has many great connections and one of them is Kitamura san who already contributed in tremendous ways to our remodeling. Mr. Kitamura proved his craftsmanship again. He is a very gifted carpenter and listened carefully to our tall order: not only did we want to keep the heat in and the draft out, but we also did not want to lose the lovely natural light, nor the charming structure of our sky blue ceiling window. On top of all that we wanted to be able to remove the new winter structure easily to get let the hot air escape during the steamy summer months...

Mr. Kitamura didn’t waste a moment, and within a day and half managed to fulfill all our requirements!


Right after we asked him, he went to get the material and started making the frames and ...


painted them...


then, stapled clear plastic sheet onto the frames


...and done! Within a day and a half!!


Check it out when you come next time: He added some extra charm by creating panels with a wooden structure and painting them blue, and he built in a way that will allow us to remove the individual panels easily for cooling in summer - WOW! the perfect solution.


We are so happy with the new version of our beautifully retro-looking ceiling window! Hope our gym in the New Year will warm you up:)



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