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CrossFit Kyoto > > [Postponed] Bring Kids Day ! Both Kids and Adults are Welcome ~ Try Crossfit or “Washi” Paper Craft 🎵

[Postponed] Bring Kids Day ! Both Kids and Adults are Welcome ~ Try Crossfit or “Washi” Paper Craft 🎵

*** This event is postponed due to the Coronavirus***



Bring Kids Day !

March 21st 13:30~14:30


13:30~14:30 Crossfit Class in the Main Room 

13:30~14:30 Traditional Craft Workshop in the Personal Training Space

You can join us if you...

・are parents or grandparents with children

・want to join a Crossfit Trial class or take part in the Paper Craft Workshop

・are a Crossfit Kyoto member (you can workout for free if you bring your children/parents/grandparents/friends)

・are a senior, an adult or a child

・can speak Japanese or not 


You can join either the Crossfit class or the Paper Craft Workshop ! 
Adults can join the Crossfit class, while the children take part in the Craft Workshop✨

You can come by yourself or with others ⭕


This is a chance to enjoy time mixing with people of different ages, nationalities, and languages 👍✨



The Washi Craft Workshop


You will be able to create original Japanese paper craft. This method is called 'Ikkanbari' a traditional art which has been practiced for 400 years, since the Edo period.

The workshop will be conducted in Japanese, English speakers are welcome as you can just watch and follow along.


This traditional craft uses Japanese paper called “Washi”. Paper is layered and glued together over and over to create a shape. The glue we use doesn't contain any chemicals. This craft became famous because of an 'Ikanbari' telescope ordered by Shogun Tokugawa Yoshimune in the Edo era.


The teacher, Zuiho-san, is the head of her family's style which has been handed down for 14 generations!


Adults are welcome to join. Children can take part without their parents doing the Crossfit Class 🙂


We will create a whole Zoo in this workshop: Each person can make the animal they like 🐎🐇🐒🐬 ...or even a monster 😉


Maximum number of participants: 20. 



Here's a radio interview with Zuiho san↓

Radio Program:KYOTO RIVERSIDE WALK ~Weekend!!~」(in Japanese)



Crossfit class



People who sign-up for a Fundamental Course on this day will receive:
- one extra Fundamentals Class (9 instead of 8)
- a book of free drink tickets to use any time

It will be the perfect inspiration for a Wakaba class, too!


What to bring:

- Towel: to wipe off the results of a good workout (;

- Reusable bottle: we try to be environmentally conscious where we can and we offer natural well water for free, so if you can, bring your own bottle for a refill and after the workout take some of our yummy well water home with you


- Clothing: workout gear & shoes (no special indoor shoes needed)




Washi Craft Workshop: 2000yen/person + tax

Members work out for free, Crossfit Trials 1000 yen/person +tax


~ Sign-up ~
On the Coubic schedule with 'on-site payment'.
Please sign-up separately for the Crossfit Class and the Washi Craft Workshop.



The Washi Craft workshop 


MAX 20 🙂


Crossfit Trial Class


Email Us or call 080-4972-1905


The Crossfit Class for members








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