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CrossFit Kyoto > > One of our CrossFit members joined the Kyoto Marathon today!

One of our CrossFit members joined the Kyoto Marathon today!

Today is Kyoto marathon 2020 !


This year the day of the Kyoto Marathon was unusually warm. Though it was rather rainy in the morning, it stopped around noon and then surprised us with a few drizzles throughout the rest of the day.




Part of the Marathon route goes along the Kamo riverside.

Kitaoji bridge is very near Crossfit Kyoto:




One of our Crossfit members, Kazumi ran the 42.195 km this year 🙂

Here her number for us to track each step en route: Gambare Kazumi !



In the morning Russell caught Kazumi at the turn by the Takano River in Shugakuin!

A great place for encouragement shouts as it's a bit of a long & slightly uphill stretch on Kitayama road :




Go Ela and 10:40class members, run‼️ We ran from CrossFit to the Kamoriver but...

Kazumi san was so fast so we couldn't make it in time  ...




Almost done, Kazumi - yay! She is so fast!!!

Ela finally caught Kazumi by the Imadegawa turn near Ginkakuji Temple.

Great, the worst slope is done !





Kazumi san with her Finisher's Towel 🙂 GOOD JOB - she finished in 4h13min

...and she had told Ela after her last CrossFit class that she was going to take it easy?!?

She doesn't even look tired... WOW



And here her results:



Otsukare Kazumi!





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