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Without restricting my diet I have slimmed down...

40's | Twice a week


It has been 10 months since I started Crossfit.
For the first two months I worked out once a week. However, it turned out to be so much fun that I increased to a steady and continuous twice a week.


Without restricting my diet and despite going for drinks once a week I have slimmed down and reduced my waist by 2 belt holes. My coworkers tell me that I have lost a lot of weight.
I have tried to lose weight and worked out at other gyms, however I got bored within about 3 months and ended up falling by the wayside.


Why did I get bored with other gyms? Because they just aren’t fun. At an ordinary gym I have to create my own training program and perform it alone, in silence. Whenever I workout alone, I go easy on myself and cannot push through difficulties. I often just hung out at the other gyms and basically wasted my time.


At CrossFit Kyoto I am inspired to work hard for a whole hour. The coaches put together a superb training plan every day and I have friends to do it with: people of all ages, races and genders. At times we encourage each other in the workouts, at other times we compete with each other. I enjoy being able to throw myself fully into the workout and really make the most of that hour in my day.


Coach Russell and Coach Tatsuro watch our form during the workouts, so we stay safe and get all the training benefit.

My body has continued to change for the better ever since I joined CrossFit Kyoto. I gained fat after graduation, so I would like to efficiently burn off that fat with CrossFit.


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