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CrossFit Kyoto > > * O N L I N E workouts - The One Tatami WOD - classes from the Comfort of your Home !

* O N L I N E workouts - The One Tatami WOD - classes from the Comfort of your Home !

On this blog we're keeping you informed about our Online Programs


** Expanded schedule! see below  **




👍Free Trial Classes give everyone a chance to find out how much fun the sessions can be and how accessible they actually are
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Community is one of our core values and we have seen that getting together for a workout during this rather challenging time of COVID-19 makes a big difference.

Living in a small place ourselves, we are well aware of how restricted space can be here in Japan and so we created an online program with workouts that takes up one tatami mat of space: The ‘ONE TATAMI WOD’.





😁  MAINTAIN & IMPROVE the buffer of HEALTH you've worked so hard for !


Try and see for yourself: Russell and Tatsuro can effectively help you maintain, and even improve, your fitness level and buffer of health, despite not having heavy duty gym equipment available. Let's get creative with what we have at home:


Our members keeping in touch and connecting with each other in a new way.

We love how creative they are with their weights - some use their children 😆  others their drinks or even their food  😆



Thanks to ZOOM (our online platform) Russell and Tatsuro can easily keep an eye on your form, posture and condition, as the ZOOM windows capture your movements clearly. This allows for pointers, effective feedback and adjustments during the session.





• An online class as if the coach was in your living room, adjusted to your level by coaches who know you personally  

• Warm-up, skill / strength section, the beloved WOD (workout of the day) and a cool-off

• All kinds of NEW MOVES to adjust to your new workout environment and keep it interesting 

• Time for laughter and interaction with each other at the beginning and end of classes

• Weekly passes so you don’t have to commit to a whole month during these unsure times

• Bonus 'Anytime WODs' to do at your own pace during the week and outside if the weather allows ;-)

• WodUp workout logging

• VIP status when borrowing equipment from the gym





* Option 1  *


¥4,000/week (+tax)
◦ All of the benefits listed above with:

◦ 2 fully coached online classes via zoom from the comfort of your home

◦ 1 bonus email workout (‘Anytime WOD’) to do at your own pace, with links to instructional videos and demonstrations



* Option 2  *

¥5,000/week (+tax)
◦ All of the benefits listed above with:

◦ 3 fully coached online classes via zoom from the comfort of your home

◦ 2 bonus email workouts (‘Anytime WODs’) to do at your own pace, with links to instructional videos and demonstrations





• one tatami of space (minimum) - a non-slippery floor is best (you can use a yoga or exercise mat)

• your online device (ex. computer, iPad or smartphone) and somewhere to set it up for a ZOOM session. 

• sturdy bag or backpack weighted with water bottles, books, children 😉 etc. Or an actual kettlebell or dumbbell if you have them.

• long belt, towel or band for stretching

• pole, or broom

• chair

• notepad & pen or a small whiteboard (for recording or writing down your workout)

• water / rehydration drink and a towel to wipe your brow 


Once you’ve prepared the above you’re ready to go! 😀





The online sessions take an hour and are structured just like classes at the gym with  
• a warm-up

• a skill / strength section

• the beloved WOD (workout of the day)
• a cool-off

• and time for laughter and interaction with each other at the beginning and end of classes





What’s an ‘Anytime WOD’? 🤔

• A workout you can do at your own pace, in your own time, indoors or outdoors

• Sent by email with links to instructional videos and demonstrations

• We give a variety of options for scaling and adapting the workouts to your personal level and goals

• WodUp can also be used to track your progress with these workouts

✨ Share the goodness and invite your family or friends to workout with you 



F R E E    T R I A L    😁


Are you up for something new and different? Do you have time and want to get moving again? Join us for a FREE Trial workout from the comfort of your home.


~ Sign up for CFK Members ~
It’s easy: As a CrossFit Kyoto member you can choose a day and time which suit you from the class schedule below and email us a couple of choices for a Free Trial class. Let us know about your present level of fitness and health and where you’d like to be in 3 months. We’ll confirm your slot by email and  we'll send you instructions of how to join us and your CrossFit Kyoto buddies on ZOOM rather than at the Kitaoji gym. 
The email will also list the few things you need to prepare to make the best of this fun fitness program.


~ Sign up for Non-Members & Newbies ~
We’re in the process of creating a beginners’ On-Ramp Course for people who have never done CrossFit or Home Fitness before. It’s a fabulous adventure.
Please send us an email with your preferred day/time for a Free Trial class. Let us know about your present level of fitness and health and where you’d like to be in 3 months. We’re looking forward to embarking on this journey with you soon.





ONLINE CLASS SCHEDULE (new morning class on Wednesdays!!)


(updated May 5)

Sun 10:30 and 14:00
Mon 17:30 and 20:00
Tue 18:30 and 20:30
Wed 10:30 and 17:30 and 20:00
Thu 17:30 and 19:30
Fri   n/a
Sat 10:00 and 13:00


** Attention **
During  GOLDEN WEEK  we offer daytime classes! 😁✨

May Sat 2 / Mon 4 / Wed 6 10:00 and 13:00
May Sun 3 / Tue 5 10:30 and 14:00

By the way, we’re open to suggestions regarding the times of our online classes, just shoot us an email and we'll do our best to include preferred class times that suit everyone!







• Enjoy the * SPECIAL OFFER * of short-term week-to-week purchase during COVID-19 

• You can pay online by credit card

• Sign up & pay via the links provided above under Options 1 and 2 

• Tickets are valid for one week, classes cannot be transferred over into the next week
. We recommend you do one of the ANYTIME WODs if you miss a class.


✨ We’re very excited to see you on ZOOM soon! ✨
Your friends at CrossFit Kyoto







April 12~15 CrossFit Kyoto Online Workout 'The One Tatami WOD'


We have gone online! Come join our 'One Tatami WOD' home fitness program.  😁 👍


Hello from the 'One Tatami Team' 🎶
All you need for your home fitness program is
the space of one tatami,

a backpack filled with books, water bottles (or children) 😉 and of course a witch's broom 😉


After having made the very hard decision to close the physical CF Kyoto gym for a couple of weeks, we have created an  online program as we want you to be able to maintain the buffer of health, fitness and strength that you have built.


We are really excited to be adding online class options - this way we can deliver great training and terrible jokes directly into your living room! All our new ONE TATAMI WOD classes up to and including Wednesday 15th are free for members to try out. Signup is on Coubic just like with regular classes. 


Russell and Tatsuro, our coaches, working their way through the technical maze of the new online options.


*** SPECIAL for our members***
From April 16 any slot that’s not taken 2 hours before the WOD starts will become available for a FREE TRIAL. Non-members please stay posted: we will be opening up these programs to everybody soon!


Tatsuro cheering every single one of us on during the ONE TATAMI WOD - our latest online workout anyone can do at home.


We are looking forward to seeing you all on screen and to supporting you in your quest to best health & fitness during these challenging times. Stay well and genki!


Sun April 5th CrossFit Kyoto Online Workout


As a replacement for the ‘Hanami WOD’ this coming Sunday April 5th at 14:00 we are excited to announce a “Tatami WOD” a free online workout in its place!

Everyone is welcome as this will also be a test-run for the online class program we are preparing to offer in April for members who are unable to physically come to the gym due to the COVID-19 situation.



Looking forward to the “virtua-mi” with you on Sunday 🙂



How to book the Crossfit Kyoto Hanami - CANCELED, sorry!


It's free to join and anyone can sign up 🙂 

If you want to take part, sign-up on Coubic for the One Tatami WOD class below:


Please sign up by 12:00 on Sun April 5th as we will need to send out connection details and equipment preparation info before the class starts.









At CrossFit Kyoto, we offer "Wakaba" classes.
Ideal for people who don't feel confident about exercise,
are recovering from an injury, or for those who are 60+.
Come join us, you are welcome to accompany your parents for a class!

Try Our Crossfit Class


Eat well, move more, feel better, and live & give your best!

Crossfit Kyoto, training gym, is located in Kitaoji and a mere 13 min subway ride from Kyoto station.
(semi-personal training)




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