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CrossFit Kyoto > > 😃 H a p P y 9th CrossFit Affiliation Anniversary 🥂🍾

😃 H a p P y 9th CrossFit Affiliation Anniversary 🥂🍾

Today, May 20th, is CrossFit Kyoto's 9th Affiliation Anniversary -  Y A Y  !!

🙏 Thank you EVERYONE for helping us along the way! What a great journey it has been!


Russell this morning: ‘Hmm’, he said with a couple tears filling his eyes, ‘we went form nothing in a park, 3 members and two classes a week, no equipment (except for a set of rings) and no money!

... to one floor of a warehouse,

... then two floors and

... now a fully renovated space, open 7 days a week with two coaches and a huge community of members even joining us online'


That’s the story of nine years in a tiny nutshell...

Anyone who's familiar with Russell knows that he isn’t a man of big words... though he has a ton of (really bad) jokes 😂 🙃 😜 and a great big heart to share with everyone.



Thank you all for accompanying us on this eventful and amazing journey. We cannot name everyone individually (and many don’t want to be mentioned) but please know how grateful we are to all of you who have accompanied us, supported us, helped out in so many creative and generous ways, everyone one of you who has trained hard, worked hard and laughed even harder with us over these fabulous nine years. We are deeply grateful and couldn't have done it without you!






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