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CrossFit Kyoto > > 🐬 SWIMMING UPSTREAM during COVID-19


'KOINOBORI', Japanese for Carp Streamers (or banners or windsocks) are part of the Children's Day here in Japan.

In Japanese culture the carps are a symbol of courage and strength because of their ability to swim upstream, even up through a waterfall !


We can spot these colourful streamers of all sizes and different materials decorating the landscape throughout Japan from April through early May.

Originally they were hung on high poles, way above the roof tops and meant to honour the Boys' festival on May 5, expressing hope that each boy in the family will grow up healthy and strong like wild carps. These days the horizontal set up over rivers and streams - even whole valleys! - has become more popular than the traditional vertical set up, which is often not even allowed in big cities.


This year, as we all can certainly use a bit of the carps mighty power, we hung a couple of carp streamers in our window at the gym, in the hope that they will bring you all, (and everyone who walks past) a biiiiig portion of what you need to get through the challenges of COVID-19!

And yes, usually the bigger, stronger carp swims at the very top... but this year things are rather topsy-turvy, changing quickly and unexpectedly... 😘


The carp streamers are antique cotton, hand painted. At some point in their lives one of them actually jumped into the water ...can you tell which one?


Are you streaming carps during Golden week this year? 

Do you have an interesting memory about them from your childhood? We'd love to hear about it!


We are also wondering what other cultures and countries do to inspire strength and courage in their children - do you know of any examples?

We'd love to read a story from our foreign members, too! 😁






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