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CrossFit Kyoto > > 24 hrs access to fresh TAKE AWAY Well Water is now available! [ MYMIZU App ]

24 hrs access to fresh TAKE AWAY Well Water is now available! [ MYMIZU App ]


The Wakabayu Water Well is now accessible 24hrs for anyone -> outside the gym


When CrossFit Kyoto moved in, we were able to offer well water in our little kitchen area in the gym.
We have been waiting to get another well water tap outside, accessible to anyone at anytime.

This is what the outside looked like, before the well water tap got installed

...and this is how it looked shortly after the construction

A Work of Art

Thanks to the craftsman ship and wonderful eye of Yamamoto san (building owner) it keeps improving. Have you seen it lately? It's changed again!! Can you tell the difference?     

Our landlord created this whole work of art, including the stone work of the Ojizo san.
Obviously he knows about construction and is not just your average landlord!

We are so grateful to Yamamoto san! As always he was very understanding and he gave us a exceptionally low price to help the gym with the struggles of the COVID-19 situation:

Dear Yamamoto san,
Thank you so much for your continued kindness and support!

It matches the Ojizo-san wonderfully :))

The blue bamboo (it's actually freshly cut, green bamboo but in Japanese it is called: blue-bamboo) is now still green.

Watch it change and adapt, turning into a golden yellow under the summer sun.

Construction and testing

The well-water is pumped up from the depths of the stratum, so the water quality is not easily affected or contaminated by surface construction or heavy rains. It was tested and passed with flying colours. Even they owners were surprised at the high quality of the well water. (for more information and test results see our blog here: )

Before Crossfit Kyoto moved in, this place was a public bath (sento) called “Wakaba-Yu”.

At that time people from far and wide loved coming because of the amazing quality of the well water. It helped keep everyone healthy and well.
At Crossfit Kyoto, we are using the same quality water from that very same ancient well.

Help yourself freely to fresh water

Please feel free to bring your canisters or bottles for refills and take home this mineral rich and tasty water for drinking or for cooking 🙂 - it's free for you!

Anyone is welcome to a 'Take-Away of fresh Well Water'. You don't have to be a Crossfit Kyoto member, just remember to bring a container!

You can access the well water during after hours as well.

The lever is a bit hard to use. This prevents wasting water, which is a precious gift from Mama Earth.
Just twist the lever handle to the right and the water will flow, Once you let go the flow ceases immediately.
You will certainly get to test your grip power 💪 😆

Apologies, it is not yet lit up at night!

Well Registration with the Disaster Map of Kyoto City

The well can be used in times of natural disasters here in Kyoto. We registered the well with the “Kyoto City Well MAP” 

Well Map of Kyoto City

Mymizu App

Crossfit Kyoto also supports “mymizu” who's mission is to help people live more sustainably - in ways that are fun, easy and good for the planet

My Mizu

My Mizu provides Japan’s first water refill app that helps you to access free refill points so that you can refill your bottle on the go, discover new places & eliminate the need for plastic bottles. The app guides you to the nearest water fountain or eco-friendly cafe offering free refills.





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