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CrossFit Kyoto > > 🎃 CFK Anniversary & Halloween Celebration WOD October 31st 👻

🎃 CFK Anniversary & Halloween Celebration WOD October 31st 👻

October 2020 marks the 9th Anniversary of CrossFit Kyoto and our 1st year in the Kitaoji Wakabayu location.

This is certainly reason to celebrate 🎉 and cheer each other on, isn’t it? …BUT 😲 !

There have been a lot of BUTs this year, and very little celebration, almost no gatherings, and we have not been able to get together freely.
We’ll be considering COVID-19 and respect physical distance BUT we will give social distance a miss.
Why? you ask. Because humans are social beings and social closeness is vital for happiness, health and well-being.

So let’s keep physical distance, wash our hands, be mindful, and celebrate with a post-WOD-Cheers 🥂 where We Observe Distance BUT don’t let it get in the way of having fun 😊

Together we can cheer each other up and support our continuing journey to ever better health & fitness.

Program 🏋🏻‍♀️ 

- Please check class times on our schedule and book well ahead of time
- All the classes on Saturday October 31 will be 🦄 Halloween themed team WODs
- Numbers per class will be expanded to 9 using both front and back rooms
- At the end of each class we’ll gather in the bathtub & kitchen area and raise our glasses 🍻 to every one of us at CFK
Let’s give each other a CHEERS 🥂 for having persevered through these rough and tough times !

What to wear and what to bring

- A Halloween costume that’s easy to move in or Halloween coloured workout clothes 🩳 or a Halloween mask 🤖 or Halloween make-up 👹 or just a Halloween themed COVID mask 😷, or if you like it dramatic: ALL OF IT 👻
- your own cup / glass / mug
- your best scary jokes 😆


COVID-19 measures on top of our normal requests 😃✨

- These will be only small group celebrations
- Class will be held in both rooms to maintain physical distance
- The celebration gatherings will be held in a separate area, let’s keep a healthy distance
- Drinks and snacks are provided as we’d better not do potluck this time (you’re welcome to bring a bottle or drink to share) - bring your own glass/mug/cup
- You are invited to wear a (Halloween themed? 🎃) mask for the celebration

We are looking forward to a scarily fun Anniversary 🎊 Celebration WOD with you !




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