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🤸🏼‍♀️ Y O G A ー ヨーガ🧘🏼‍♂️

Why do Yoga ?  🧘🏼‍♂️  なぜヨガか ?

Besides many other benefits Yoga brings great balance and flexibility - for CrossFitters this means extra power, accuracy and agility!

We highly recommend our monthly workshops with
certified Hatha style yoga teacher Agasa Hashimoto

Agasa introduces ways to
- release back pain
- ease stiff neck/ shoulders
- strengthen the core
- adjust the pelvis
- squat more deeply
…and lots more

🇯🇵 The Benefit of Bilingual Lessons ! 🌍 バイリンガル 🙂

The lessons are extra fun as they are in both Japanese and English. Japanese people who want to learn more English, and foreigners who want to study Japanese can benefit from more than just yoga. 🎵 Let's enjoy an international atmosphere at CrossFit Kyoto together 🌍


Dates, Fees, Sign up 🖍 and cancellation

Maximum class size is 10 (average is 5)

For now we offer monthly classes every 2nd Sunday of the month for example
Nov 8 / Dec 13 / Jan 10 / Feb 14 and March 14, etc.

You can sign up through our on-line schedule up to one day before the class. The usual 4 hour cancellation policy applies.

For CrossFit Kyoto members the workshops can be booked using their membership tickets.
Non-members are very welcome too, they can join at a Yoga drop-in fee of ¥3,000 (plus tax) payable by credit card at the time of reservation.
Please reserve your slot here:

What to wear 🦩 - 服装

✔️ Comfortable clothes that stretch easily and
✔️ a long sleeved top (just in case)

What to bring 🧳 持ち物

✔️ We have Yoga mats and some blankets (for “Savasana”).
    -> As an extra corona measure you are encouraged to bring your own Yoga mat (or a light towel for the face part) and a shawl/blanket
✔️ A water bottle to take advantage of our special well💧water (free)! ♻️

Even if you've never done Yoga before you can reap great benefits from just one session
(Russell found demonstrating overhead positions much easier the day after a yoga class).

🍀 Give it a try, we're very much looking forward to welcoming you at our Kitaoji gym to share the goodness! 😃✨

For further inquiries you can write to us here:




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