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🌱 Wakaba Classes - Fitness for Every Body!

🌱 We support you in developing healthy exercise habits and basic physical strength no matter what your current condition.
🌱 The programs are aimed at increasing life quality and helping you become independent or stay that way for longer than expected.
🌱 Laughter is an important aspect of a healthy body and mind - we hear a lot of it during our classes.

Who are the Wakaba classes for?

Wakaba Classes are ideal for people of any age who
  • don’t normally exercise
  • aren’t confident in working out
  • are recovering from an injury
  • enjoy a more relaxed and easy-going pace
This class is also very beneficial and really easy to enter for people aged 60+

The age range of our present Wakaba fans is between 50 ~ 80 years old and we often hear excited reports about the changes in their bodies:
🌱 better posture
🌱 increased stamina
🌱 more joy of life, better life quality
🌱 increased ease of movement and better mobility
🌱 more fun playing with grand-children
🌱 less pain
...and the list keeps growing as each of our Wakaba member experiences their personal CrossFit journey and continues with consistency and joy.

See our testimonials HERE (Eiko/Ayako/Masumi/Namiko/Hoshino? might be willing to write wakaba muki testimonials)

Talking of which, the members or our Wakaba Classes are just as eclectic and fun, just as inspiring, enthusiastic and consistent as the members of our Regular and Simple Fit classes.
Some of them switch between Wakaba and SimpleFit or Regular Classes according to their condition, others are faithful members and love the more relaxed and easy-going pace of the Wakaba classes.

What is the content of a Wakaba class?

The Wakaba class, like our other classes, is an hour long. The program is prepared for you daily and is different every time to make sure you get to use all the muscles in your body and you don't get bored.>

All our classes offer a thorough warm up, a variety of skill training (how do I get this heavy thing off the floor and onto my back, or how do I lift my grand-child safely onto the swing), followed by a workout and finishes off with a gentle cool-off session using foam rollers, bands and balls for stretching and self-massage.

Every class is coached and movements are adjusted to each individual to meet their requirements and their level of fitness / injury.

Our coaches

Our coaches are highly certified and have a solid background in anatomy, sport and movement. See their bios HERE
Together they have more than 12 years of coaching experience (December 2020). They keep up with the latest developments in fitness and are required to test on a regular basis.

Russell and Tatsuro discuss members' needs, adjustments and program scaling on a daily basis, so we can serve each individual to the best of our ability and help toward short and long-term goals.

One of our highest values is sustainability; not only in terms of how we are considerate to the planet in our use of material resources, but also as the base of how we support the physical resources of each individual member, so they can reach their highest fitness potential in a sustainable and step-by-step way.
In other words, the journey is first and foremost in our thinking and supporting that will lead to the goal of increased health, fitness and vigor for everyone.

What's the difference between Wakaba and our other classes?

  • The number of participants is even smaller than our other classes this means extra attention from the coach.
  • With a reduced number of complex movements, the class content is INDIVIDUALLY adjusted to the level of each participant.
  • The pace is more relaxed and easy-going.

How can I join and what class should I join?

You can choose from the following three options to contact us

  • Sign up via our website HERE
  • Call us 080 4240 1905 for Japanese and 080 4972 1905
  • email us HERE
    Let us know if you'd like to join a Wakaba Trial class or to watch one of the Wakaba classes.

Experiencing the movements yourself or observing the class also gives you the opportunity to get a feeling of our place as well as talk with our members.
After the class you get a chance to consult with our coaches to find out what suits YOU best.

If you're still not sure if this is something for you, we recommend you simply join our one month Introduction and Fundamentals Course, no further commitment needed. Within the month you will know if CrossFit Kyoto works for you.
You will see changes in your body, both large and small, and your mental state will be positively affected too. The camaraderie and laughter is contagious and soon enough you'll reap the positive results from your efforts.
All of this will certainly help you with your decision to continue getting into better shape, either with CrossFit or with something else if you discover that might suit you better.

Once you graduate from the one month Fundamentals course (or if you feel ready for a new challenge) you are welcome to check in with our coaches about participation in regular CrossFit or SimpleFit classes. If you feel more comfortable with the Wakaba classes you're most welcome to continue and you can sign up for a membership of 3, 6 or 12 months.

When can I start?

You're welcome to start any time and join any of the Wakaba Trial classes. The schedule is expanding as more people show interest in making a change.

This is our present schedule - but feel free to ask for a time that suits you better.

We are very excited to introduce you to new possibilities in movement and fitness, and the changes that a body can master/achieve.
Surprise yourself 🌱!

Why not treat yourself to something NEW for the Start of 2021 !




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