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CrossFit L1 Seminar in Kanagawa & Kai's L1 Experience

One of our members, Kai, attended the Level 1 CrossFit seminar last December and kindly shares his experience on our blog page.
If you are interested in the seminar or just want to get a feel for the atmosphere, read on!

On Dec 19 & 20 I went to the CrossFit Level 1 course at CrossFit Motomachi Bay in Kanagawa.
It was my first time both to visit Kanagawa and to take the L1 test so I felt quite nervous.

The test itself was just a written exam at the end of the second day, but on the first and second days we studied the basics of CrossFit, the fundamental movements (squat, shoulder press, etc.) and actually did CrossFit workouts.

It was fun to work out in a different atmosphere from CrossFit Kyoto and work up a sweat with CrossFitters from all over Japan. Many different people came to the L1 course, some wanted to become coaches, some were CrossFit enthusiasts, and others were CrossFit beginners just taking the test as a personal challenge. One thing we all had in common was a love of CrossFit and the L1 course was a great opportunity for all of us to learn more about it.

I’m looking forward to continuing my journey with CrossFit and spending more time with the members of CrossFit Kyoto. Let’s work out together ( ̄∀ ̄) !

🟦 🟦 🟦

Kai, thanks a lot for sharing. Your article shows the passion and excitement you feel for CrossFit and how much fun you had at the two-day seminar. 
You have successfully passed the exam and are now certified as a "CrossFit Level 1 Trainer": CONGRATULATIONS!
We hope you can apply what you learned for your own training and reap many benefits in the future as well.

If anyone is interested to know more about the certifications possible as a Crossfit Trainer and future seminars, please feel free to contact our staff!

The next CrossFit Level 1 seminar will be held on February 13-14 again at CrossFit Motomachi Bay in Kanagawa, Japan.
This is a two-day seminar where you can learn about the basic principles and fundamental movements of CrossFit.

The latest news (January 2021): L1 - is now possible ONLINE but in English only! (Expected to be in Japanese by April 2021)




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