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🍱 Food and Nutrition Recommendations 😃✨

Our recommendations for food and nutrition are updated here

Liver, Greens and Herbs to Increase Iron Levels✨

Low in Iron? Many of us are and don’t know it. If you feel weak and extra tired even after a good night's sleep, if you get dizzy when you stand up, if you have irregular heartbeats and shortness of breath, chest pain, head aches, even cold hands and feet can be a sign of low iron levels.

One of the quickest and finest ways to replenish iron levels is to eat liver.

My favourite way to serve it:

A creamy concoction with herbs and the warming flavour of cayenne & smoked paprika, on a soft bed of mashed potatoes (sorry, for the simple bento-box-look - despite being ceramic it just doesn’t give the French Cuisine ambience this recipe deserves, but Russell, who actually used to despise liver, assures me it was delishshsh 😋 )

Before i cook the liver i always rub it with salt and leave it in the fridge over night (or a minimum of 6 hours. Some people prefer soaking it in water with lemon or vinegar. Try them both to see which one you prefer.)

I use olive oil, melt a slice of butter, then add black or white pepper fresh from the mill, and a variety of herbs:
finely chopped rosemary, thyme, basil, nira, lemonbalm (whatever is in season, or dried, available in the markets or in my garden).
Now i let the herbs slowly infuse the oil on a very low flame.

In the meantime i wash the salt off the liver and slice it into generous strips.

Then i prepare the other ingredients: cooking wine, cream, cayenne, smoked paprika, and capers. While finishing up the prep the scent of the slowly heating herbs suddenly tickles my nose and i am reminded to place the liver on that bed of aromatic greenery, raise the flame to medium and quickly cook the liver, adding the cayenne, smoked paprika, capers and cooking wine, stirring even more quickly BECAUSE - and this is super important to achieve the perfect texture - i only cook it to where there is still a pink hue visible on the liver. This is when i turn the heat down, add the cream and once the cream is mixed in and hot, you're done! (Most people make the mistake of overcooking  liver, please don't as that will ruin this dish.)

It's a dish that goes really well with mashed potatoes!
I form a little dent in the mountain of potato mash and pour the liver with its sauce right into that.
Fresh basil and a couple of cherry tomatoes as a garnish, served with a side dish of steamed greens and you're ready to surprise yourself or anyone who thought they didn't like liver 😉

Side Notes:

- Garlic is another great addition to this dish! You can add it at the beginning, whole or chopped, together with the herbs. That way it will get to that delicious golden brown.

(unfortunately i cannot digest garlic but it's really perfect for liver, especially if you start out like Russell: not a fan of liver at all)

- Did you know that, besides great flavour and being high in antioxidants, herbs & dark leafy greens also provide a surprisingly high amount of iron? I recommend you go for it and add a generous bunch for double goodness.
Let me know how you liked it and how many people you were able to convert to liver-lovers after a lifetime of wrinkling their nose at it 😉

Bon appétit!

Aug 24th 2020 - Can't travel now ✈️ ?!  So let's bring the 🌎 World on the Table 😃✨

Ela's Noodle Doodle 🍜

I came up with this the other day when i felt like i wanted to go on a trip. We cannot travel right now so why not bring these wonderful foreign treats into your own kitchen. 
This is even more fun 😄 when each person creates their own ‘trip’!
Another advantage is the minimal stove usage! During Kyoto’s summer 🔥 heat i try to come up with dishes where stove time is cut to a minimum so our already boiling hot kitchen (…and body) won’t melt. 
It’s a versatile, speedy, cooling and delicious dish! 😋
I start with the side dish: reconstituting the Hijiki seaweed in a mix of rice vinegar, soy sauce and water (more on this later). 
While that’s doing its thing I bring the super-fine brown rice noodles (gennai bifun) to a quick boil and then just let them sit in the hot water (with the lid on) till they’re done.
After cooling them off under the running tap, i place them on a bed of greens 🌿  and this is where the fun begins: 
Choose the country you’d like to visit and set your noodles on a bed of light greens from that region, greens which can be eaten raw: basil, lettuce, salad komatsuna, salad spinach, perilla, cham-namul, water spinach, sprouts, etc. 
Keep them cold with ice cubes and sprinkle garnish on top if you like.
Depending on which country you chose (or simply your favorite flavour) you can now start to play with the dipping concoction: 
Korean style kimuchi sauce, 
Thai style fish sauce (nampula) mixed with soy sauce, 
Chinese black bean sauce, 
a light miso/dashi mix forJapan or 
a European style veggie broth (cold) with herb salt. 
The garnishes are just as versatile:
for European style i use basil, 
for Thai style coriander and thinly sliced crepes
for Korean style i use negi or nira, and 
for Japanese style i use any or either of the following: ginger, perilla (shiso), spring onions (negi), nira and/or sesame seeds. 
It’s simple but never boring! Especially if you change the noodles too and use Thai style rice noodles, Japanese awa or kibi, soba, soumen, harusame or very thing spaghetti. 


Add a side dish of salad or eggs


This dish goes really well with a side salad - Hijiki, wakame or cucumber are especially cooling & easy to digest. Seaweed salads are full of minerals and raw power.
Raw hijiki sea weed is wonderful with finely cut carrots and some goji berries. They both add a certain sweetness and the goji berries (kuko no mi) help with cooling the body, too. 
Play with the different flavours, replenish and cool the body with this simple dish. It takes a max of 10-15 min to make, depending on how fancy you get :). Try it and let us know where in the world 🌏 your noodle doodle took you 😋.


July 8th 2020 - 🌈 Colours increase joy: Let's keep eating Rainbows 😋✨

Colours definitely inspire me to eat with joy so i like 'eating a rainbow' whenever possible.

I like preparing a whole bunch of cabbage salad and then add it to each of my bento boxes. It makes the prep time for bentos shorter and especially with cabbage the flavour deepens and sometimes it's like having pickles, yum!

😁  Do you have a sweet tooth?

The sweetness that results from slicing raw cabbage and carrots really fine is astounding. Together with the natural sweetness of the
Japanese pumpkin i don't feel like i need a dessert after my lunch or dinner. If you have a sweet tooth try it out!

Simple Grilled Salmon, cooling purple Cabbage Salad with thinly sliced Carrot & Cucumber and Goji berries (Kuko no mi helps to cool the body during the summer heat), half peeled rice (gobutsuki with mochi kibi) and umeboshi flakes, steamed broccoli, ladies fingers and zucchini with sesame seeds and fried pumpkin.

April 4th 2020 - 🌈 Let's eat a Rainbow 😃✨


🌈 Eat a rainbow! Colours signal the presence of diversity in nutrients:
A range of naturally occurring colour in your food helps ensure you're getting enough fiber, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and phytonutrients (beneficial substances produced by plants).

👩🏼‍🎨 A work of art or an act of creativity 🧑🏼‍🍳 - increase your joy 😋

Eating a 🌈 rainbow of colours helps to protect against illness, strengthens the immune system, supports bone density and digestion, and as a result makes weight management easy.
Colours increase joy in daily life as well: It’s easier to know what to choose when you’re out shopping, try it! 
Cooking then becomes a creative act which you can follow up by eating your artwork - 😃


Curried Sasami Chicken, Gobutsuki (50% peeled rice) with Mochi Kibi and Mochi Awa, a sprinkle of sesame and ume flakes;

purple, red & orange carrots; pumpkin sauted in coconut oil, lightly steamed broccoli & nanohana. Red cabbage salad with Yuzu peel.


March 24th 2020: Antioxidants & Anti-inflammatory Agents


Lunchbox for three 🍱 😃✨


Simple coconut chicken curry, hatahata for extra calcium, spring style vegetable medley, and lotsa greeeeens since we believe live & fresh food keeps us alive & fresh, too 😉.


Antioxidants ✨

By the way, did you know that coconut oil & flakes, turmeric, pepper, curry powder and ginger are super tasty ingredients for a simple & quick curry, besides being fantastic antioxidants & anti-inflammatory agents 🎶.


March 20th 2020 - Protein & Vitamin/Mineral balance:


Ela’s dinner bento: Moroccan lamb stew, kale 🥬 greens from her garden plot and ‘gobutsuki’ (50% polished rice) with sesame seed for extra calcium.


The perfect protein/vitamin and mineral balance to support the immune system 💪😊





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