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Updates on COVID-19

In this blog we are updating on COVID-19 whenever there are changes or news

Mar 1 State of Emergency Lifted

As the state of emergency has been lifted we are returning to the regular schedule for now. Please see below. 
We are of course requesting members to continue with the current hand washing, equipment cleaning and mask wearing precautions. On a positive note, due to it's alcohol content the liquid chalk we're using is antibacterial/antiviral as well as being grip enhancing 🙂

Jan 13 ✨ Early Closing - A new Covid Measure ✨

As you’re probably aware, the state of emergency has again descended on Japan and the world. Places where people gather, like bars, restaurants, and now sports facilities, have been asked to close early.

✨ Staying positive, active and strong ✨

First and foremost we would like to encourage everyone and say let’s keep in mind that there’s a silver lining to all difficult situations and that we’re stronger and more mindful having survived all the trials and tribulations of 2020. It has shown us that it is important to stay positive, active and strong. How do we do that?

Viruses have always been part of human evolution and have brought us tremendous growth, even to the point of being incorporated into our DNA ( Let’s focus on all the good things that have come from taking more care, spending more time at home and recognising what is really important in life.

At CrossFit Kyoto, taking care of ourselves and others through movement and whole foods, staying connected to our dear ones and caring about our planet are our top priorities, these help us stay strong and full of love & light.

Watching the news over and over doesn’t give us what we truly need (the ever changing numbers can not be trusted and nobody really knows what is happening anyway). We believe that we are all called to find our own best way to stay genki, positive and connected through these challenging and ever changing times.

 What do we truly need? 😊

Inspired by a recent email from Leo Babauta of “Zen Habits” we’d like to share 3 simple questions.

We often take things for granted, and focus on our own shortcomings or things we feel are not (good) enough. This doesn’t inspire us or others, on the contrary, it just increases the difficulties.
Today is a pretty good day, we’re healthy, have a roof over our head, food on the table, people we care about and we are doing meaningful work. These are simple and basic things and they truly matter.
To help keep things simple and positive ask yourself these three questions ❓❓❓:
1) Today, what matters most to you?
2) Who and what do you care about?
3) What one thing would you like to get done today to make a difference?

📅 Change of Schedule 📌

We have adjusted the CrossFit Kyoto schedule to conform with the country and city’s recommendations. The new schedule still gives everyone plenty of opportunity to keep fit, strong and in touch 😊 Let’s help each other stay inspired and positive ❣️

We are also in the process of creating new programs, including more guidance for nutrition, and will do our utmost to help you with the challenges coming our way in 2021. Please let us know how we can best support you in your fitness goals, and any concerns you have, and we’ll do our absolute best to be here for you.

🥬 Let's eat well, move more, feel better to live and give our best! 🥰

Nov 20 ✨ Important +Let's Stay Positive+ Update ✨


It will soon be a year since the covid issue first came to light.
Thanks to some of the members of the CF Kyoto community we have been reminded to not get lax with the covid-19 measures and we would like to bring
✢positive awareness✢ into our communities both close and more distant ✨.

Though everyone is becoming rather tired of the rules and restrictions, another wave of covid-19 has been announced. Luckily we all have more experience and more tools now to deal with this issue smoothly.

We've noticed that you are all a lot less likely to lick the equipment these days, so well done on your restraint and keep up the good work 😆

On another ✢positive note✢: thanks to all the anti-covid measures there are a lot less other seasonal illnesses around this year; we are also all more mindful and careful with each other 🙂. Please do remember, even if you're strong enough to resist a severe infection people around you might not be.

☆ Our new increased measures ☆

The CFK coaches will now be wearing 😷 masks 😷 during the classes. If you can't hear what they are saying, don't compromise physical distancing by moving closer just shout "Oi we can't hear you!" 😉

If you feel more comfortable to wear a mask for the protection of yourself, your family members or the people you work closely with, you are welcome to follow suit.

We do realize that wearing a mask has its pros & cons and we can not enforce the measure.

Having said all of the above please know that evidence shows stress & negative thoughts hamper the immune system. Therefore, besides the present increased measures for daily hygiene ✨, we highly recommend the following to maintain physical health, mental clarity and and a resilient nervous system for you and yours:

☆  eat a wide variety of organic & whole foods (even Russell agrees that donuts are not whole foods, even though they have a hole 😆)
☆  take frequent breaks for deep relaxing breaths (especially out in 🍁 nature 🌳!) to boost your bright side
☆  maintain good relationships ✨ and 🙂 smile a lot (try to smile even at the bad relationships, it could have a ✢positive effect✢)
☆  keep moving and laughing (we are researching more and better jokes, promise 😉)

Though you may have heard it many times, let's make a renewed effort to stay safe & healthy .

These are challenging times to stay bright and positive 😃 but there is definitely a strong link between “positivity” and good health. Several studies have found that a ✢positive attitude✢ improves outcomes and life satisfaction across a spectrum of conditions. So let's do our utmost to keep you & yours, our communities around Japan and the world strong against any virus, be it Covid-19, other corona viruses, the flu virus and colds.

Sending a belly laugh 😂 your way and wishing we all can have a positive impact and do our utmost for the best health ✨ and a resilient community !
Your friends at CrossFit Kyoto

Because we believe that social interaction is important for physical and mental health and we want to encourage physical rather than social distancing we're reconsidering the 10 min window before and after classes. If you would like to stay longer then please wear a mask 😷 and enjoy your buddies from a distance.

✨ Physical Distancing Update Nov 16 ✨

We are delighted that everyone is using CrossFit Kyoto as a place to connect, spend time together and socialize safely. Over the past month or so people have been gradually arriving earlier and staying later after classes. Unfortunately, considering the recent rise in cases of COVID-19 throughout Japan, we regretfully have to ask everyone to return to the 10 min before and after class window for arrival and departure. Thank you for understanding. Stay healthy and stay apart together.

🏋️‍♀️ Physical Distancing rather than Social Distancing:
Updated Oct 17 🏋️‍♀️

We’re training together onsite following the motto above and, to reduce risks, let’s follow the measures below:
(1) Everyone please wash your hands thoroughly upon entering, before changing or taking part in classes. 
(2) Our classes are reduced to a max of 6 people instead of 8 pre (and post 😉 COVID-19 
(3) For your convenience, and to make up for the limited class size, we increased the number of classes per day.  
(4) We are using both the main training room and personal training room to allow enough “physical distance”. 
(5) We keep our doors/windows open during classes whenever the weather allows. Depending on the temperature, we use extractor fans during classes as well. After each class the room gets fully aired out, please forgive the cold rooms! We’ll make sure you get a good warm-up 😉  
(6) We recommend you face away from each other during the workouts and don’t use each other’s equipment. We don’t enforce wearing masks and leave this decision up to each member.  
(7) Since Saturdays are very popular, we have added a SimpleFit class 🎉   
This is a mixed class with Fundamental Course members and is not suitable for advanced members  
(for example: anyone who can do pull-ups and deadlift their bodyweight 💪😎) 
(8) We have increased overall cleaning as well as cleaning methods. We also provide specific antiviral / antibacterial sprays to clean equipment after use.
Thank you for your cooperation! 

We are planning to continue with the above measures (1-8) until further advice from the Japanese Government. 


May 27 - Re-opening June 1st 🎉 


We’re so happy to say that we will be re-opening the dojo from Monday, June 1st with a special WOD and a fresh schedule! As with everything, there is a Silver Lining even to COVID19: Since the ONE TATAMI WOD homeworkouts became so popular, and everyone who took part totally enjoyed themselves, we will continue offering ONLINE classes in parallel with classes at the gym. We're working on a new schedule, stay posted 🙂


In accordance with the latest Kyoto Prefecture guidelines we would like to inform you of the following measures:


          1. We are keeping class numbers to 6 people and the same “Hygiene Policy” as before closing.
            Please wash your hands thoroughly both when you enter and after the class.
            Reusable towels and cups are no longer available at CrossFit Kyoto (we still offer rental towels for showers).
            To be eco-friendly, please bring your own bottles, coffee cups, and towels.
            (Just in case you forget these, we have paper cups and paper towels at the Dojo - all depending on supplies).
          2. We will also continue with the same thorough cleaning routine, plus we encourage you to help yourself to the cleaners and wipe the equipment you have used before putting it back. We will run the extractor fans and leave the doors / windows open at all times.
          3. Please arrive a maximum of 10 minutes before classes and pack up swiftly to go home early - this way we can avoid a situation where everyone gathers in the changing or community areas. We enjoy you guys hanging out but cannot be responsible for that at the moment.
          4. During workouts please do not face each other, keep at least an arm span of distance between yourself and the other members and do not project your saliva 😉 by screaming for joy, or cursing when you see burpees on the whiteboard.
            Let's keep going with elbow 💪 or foot 👟 ‘Low Fives’ instead of ‘High Fives’
          5. We apologise but until further notice we cannot yet allow drop ins from other boxes and we will have to refuse access to the gym for members who experience any of the following conditions:

            • If you have a cough and fever

            • If you have met or talked to someone who is coughing or has a fever
          6. For your safety, though we will be accepting trials and new fundamentals members, we will restrict the numbers and keep classes in the PT room only.


    Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns:


    We are so very much looking forward to seeing all of you soon again. 🏋️‍♀️

    Keep taking good care of yourself and stay safe & well.


    Your friends at CrossFit Kyoto

    Russell, Tatsuro & Ela





    May 13 - Potential re-opening June 1st


    On May 14th the Japanese government will be re-visiting the current emergency measures with changes to policy being announced this coming weekend. With new cases decreasing nationally restrictions may be eased in some areas. Kyoto is an area of special concern so we are not expecting any changes here yet. With that in mind we are now looking at re-opening on June 1st.


    Are you ready to begin training at the gym again soon? How about jump-starting your return to fitness by joining the CF Kyoto online One Tatami WOD program?



    Russell & Tatsuro have been constantly researching varied means to keep our community fit, strong and healthy without resorting to a monotonous diet of push-ups, burpees sit-ups and air squats. Check the picture above for something coming in the next week of programming.


    It's great to be in touch with you all and see the CFK community stay together and strong 🙂

    Have a look at our One Tatami WOD reviews here:



    May 5 - Extending the closure for another 2 weeks - Try our on-line Classes ! 👍


    In accordance with the National Governments request we will extend our closure of the physical location for two more weeks. We hope to reopen on May 21 but will update this blog again after we know the result of the government assessment of the May 14th meeting (which my be around the weekend?)


    😀 Let us help you stay fit, healthy and in great spirits by joining our online program. This way we can deliver great training and terrible jokes directly into your living room! 

    You can find the sign up information, an expanded schedule and more here: One Tatami WOD




    Wishing you a great Golden Week ! 😁✨


    Golden Week Carp streamers for courage and strength


    We are looking forward to seeing you online!

    Your friends at CrossFit Kyoto



    April 29th - Still closed - On-line Classes keep going through Golden Week


    When we had to close the dojo we were hoping to open again for Golden Week. This is now impossible. BUT Luckily we immediately started our weekly ONE TATAMI WOD classes and every single one of us is getting better with all the technical challenges. Well done everybody!! One Tatami WOD

    We are excited to continue offering FREE trial classes, they give everyone a chance to find out how much fun these sessions can be! They also demonstrate how effectively our coaches Russell and Tatsuro keep everyone's fitness level steady and even improving, despite not having the heavy duty gym equipment available.

    The online sessions take an hour and are structured just like classes at the gym with with all kinds of new moves in the different sections of warm-up, skill, the beloved WOD (workout of the day) and a cool-off.


    As a CrossFit Kyoto member you can choose any day or time that suits you from the class schedule below.

    ** UPDATED Online Class schedule **

    SUN 10:30 and 14:00

    MON 17:30 and 20:00

    TUE 18:30 and 20:30

    WED 17:30 and 20:00

    THU 17:30 and 19:30
    (no classes on Fridays)

    SAT 10:00 and 13:00

    ** Golde
    n Week  Special Schedule **

    During GW the classes will be held with the Saturday/Sunday morning/noon pattern

    May SAT 2nd / MON 4th / WED 6th at 10:00 and at 13:00

    May SUN 3rd / TUE 5th at 10:30 and at 14:00





    Our weekly ONE TATAMI WOD deals run from Thursday through Wednesday. All you need to do is send us an email to
    We'll sign up up and email you the connection details and what to prepare for your trial class.


    Until we are allowed to open our premises again - it looks like another extension to June is pending - we will keep welcoming you for a workout from the comfort of your home to ease the challenge of these rather chaotic and unsure times of COVID-19


    We're looking forward to seeing you soon on ZOOM !



    April 20th - COVID-19 Update and On-line Classes


    Thank you all! We've received great feedback from our ONE TATAMI WOD fans and the first hurdles of technical difficulties have been overcome on all sides 😉

    Join us for a FREE Trial if you have time and want to get moving in some very different ways from the comfort of your home.


    Regarding COVID-19 we will be following suit with the instructions from the Japan Government and will keep the dojo shut with online classes going until after Golden Week and possibly longer. Looking at the patterns worldwide the lock downs have been plus/minus 6 weeks and extended several times with new limitations. 


    We'll keep you posted as to when we can reopen our beloved dojo again - in the meantime we will keep improving our online program and One Tatami WOD packages and schedule. Please contact us directly at if you have any questions or if you'd like to sign up for a Free Trial lesson - we'd love to support you and your health during this rather challenging time. We are offering a week-to-week purchase so you don’t have to commit to a whole month during these unsure times.


    ** Class schedule **

    Mon/Wed 17:30 and 20:00

    Tue/Thu 18:30 and 20:30

    Sat 10:00 and 13:00

    Sun 10:30 and 14:00

    We're open to suggestions regarding the times of our online classes, just shoot us an email. We'll try to do our best to include preferred class times that suit everyone!

    Please contact us directly if you have any questions or if you'd like to sign up for a Free Trial lesson - we'd love to support you and your health during this rather challenging time.



    We're still working on getting the music to work during the WOD while at the same time broadcasting clearly audible instructions from the coaches.
    Can you tell? It's a steeeeeeeep learning curve and just as fun as these home workouts that our coaches are putting together for you all daily.


    We're looking forward to seeing you soon on ZOOM !



    April 16th - Closing and Offering On-line Classes


    Hi from the ONE TATAMI WOD Team!



    We have made the very hard decision to close the physical CF Kyoto gym for a couple of weeks. Your memberships will be put on hold until physical classes restart. You do not have to do anything in your account settings for this hold to take effect.


    Thank you so much for your help keeping the dojo open this long by cleaning the equipment, the space and yourselves 😉
    Extra thanks to those of you who stayed home when feeling even slightly unwell, or stopped commuting, for the benefit of your friends in the community. 


    The health and safety of everyone is our main concern and we are trying our best to find a balance between the two. On the one hand, we want you to be able to maintain the buffer of health, fitness and strength that you have built; on the other hand we want to keep you, your families and the community as a whole from spreading COVID-19. 

    So we are really excited to be adding online class options - this way we can deliver great training and terrible jokes directly into your living room! All the classes until Wednesday 15th are free for you to try out our new One Tatami WOD. Signup is on Coubic just like with regular classes. 



    ***SPECIAL for our members***
    From April 16 any slot that’s not taken 2 hours before the WOD starts will become available for a FREE TRIAL. Non-members please stay posted.


    CrossFit Kyoto members will also have the option to borrow one piece of equipment from the gym to help with training at home. Members who sign up for the online course will have the first pick of what is available. You can come get the equipment from the gym as early as Thursday 16th. Send us an email with your request!


    We are looking forward to seeing you all on screen and to supporting you in your quest to best health & fitness during these challenging times.
    Be well, keep your hands clean and away from your face and look forward to the 567 (co = 5, ro = 6, na = 7) reopening celebration burpees 😉



    April 4th - Staying Open and Offering On-line Classes


    This is to let you know that we will stay open and continue classes with the reduced numbers and extra precautions introduced last month. Though we are doing our utmost to disinfect the space and equipment before, during and after classes, please be aware that you do take part at your own risk.


    Members who feel unwell**, or know they have been exposed to COVID-19 are asked to refrain from coming to classes for the sake of everyone’s health. We have been preparing on-line classes and will offer programs as soon as our pilot project is successfully completed.


    Join us for a first free ‘One Tatami WOD’ this Sunday April 5th @ 14:00!

    Sign up is needed by 12:00 noon


    Regarding events planned in April:

                    • April 18th : We planned our monthly Buddy Day to work out with Grandparents and Parents. We apologize for now this event has to be postponed to May - stay tuned!


    **Likely symptoms experienced by over 30% of COVID-19 affected patients: persistent fatigue, cough. Under 30% are experiencing shortness of breath, loss of smell/taste; about 10% have fever.



    March 31- Apologies as we have to cancel our Hanami WOD


    According to the latest news COVID-19 cases in Japan, and now even in Kyoto, have risen consistently and exponentially over the last 2 weeks. Holding events at which people gather is being seriously discouraged and several Hanami events are being canceled throughout Japan. So unfortunately we don’t have much choice other than to cancel our beloved HANAMI WOD for this year.



    2020 March 16th - Action Update from CrossFit Kyoto



    The legislative reform was announced and COVID-19 is still spreading. We will be taking the measures listed below, starting today:


                    1. We will continue with the measures from March 8th (see previous update below)
                    2. We will take the following measures to avoid close contact between members during classes.
                      (1) Classes will have a max of 6 people instead of 8. We will use both the main training room and personal training room to allow enough space for each person. Depending on the number of attendees, we will reduce the classes to 6 ppl on Coubic.
                      (2) To avoid a situation where our members cannot workout due to the 6 person cap, we will convert Fundamental Classes (FM) into SimpleFit classes. Anyone can attend SimpleFit classes 🙂

                      TUE 20:30 FM → SimpleFit
                      THU 19:20 FM → SimpleFit
                      SAT 10:40 FM → SimpleFit
                      SUN 09:30 FM → SimpleFit

                      We are planning to continue with the above measures (1) and (2) until the end of April. If we find out things are returning to normal earlier than that, we may be able to return to the original schedule even before the end of April.

                    3. Regarding events planned in March and April:

                      (1) March 21st : We are postponing the Bring Kids Day

                      (2) April 5th : We are still planning to hold the Hanami WOD (CrossFit) as it is an outside event. It will be a partner WOD but everyone will have their own equipment. We are still considering whether to continue with the picnic after the WOD as food is involved (To Be Decided). Even if the picnic takes place, we will not bring dishes to share.

                      (3) April 18th : We planned a day to work out with Grand-/Parents. We are still planning to run this event with a maximum of 6 people. You can bring your parents and grandparents.


    If the Japanese government declares an emergency, we will take additional measures.




    2020 March 8th: Action Update from CrossFit Kyoto


    The coronavirus has been spreading and we will take the measures listed below.



    ★★★ Measures from 8th March ★★★


                    1. We increased the measures on the current “Hand Washing Policy.” Reusable towels and cups are no longer available at CrossFit Kyoto. To be eco-friendly, please bring your own bottles, towels, and coffee cups. Just in case you forget these, we have paper cups and paper towels at the Dojo (depending on supplies)

                    2. We have also increased cleaning between classes. Please help yourself to the new equipment cleaners. Please pack up and go home early to avoid a situation where everyone gathers in the locker room or community space. We are also using the fans in between classes and leaving the doors and windows open all the time when it isn't too cold.

                    3. Our head coach will adjust the workouts to:
                    • work on aerobic fitness and support the immune system
                    • make it possible to use different equipment in a partner WOD

                    1. No more high-five but let’s do low five’s with shoes (see the photo below😊)

                    2. We have liquid chalk which is antibacterial (the chalk is suspended in alcohol).

                    3. We apologise but we will have to refuse access to the gym for members or drop-in visitors who experience any of the following conditions:
                    • If you have a cough and fever
                    • If you have met or talked to someone who is coughing or has a fever
                    • If you have traveled to high-risk cities or countries on the Government list below


    MOFA's Travel Advice and Warning on Infectious Diseases


    Cumulative confirmed cases of COVID-19 by country



    ★★★ Measures Once Legislative Reforms are Announced ★★★


    On 5 March 2020, Prime Minister Abe introduced a draft amendment to the "Special Measures Act to Counter New Types of Influenza of 2012".  Once this amendment is officially released, we will need to take the following measures:


                    1. Reduction to a max of 6ppl instead of 8 per class. We will use both the main training room and the personal training room to allow enough space for each person.
                      If classes on Coubic have already 8 people booked they will remain that way. All the other classes will be limited to 6 ppl.
                    2. If needed, we will use the Gosho / Kamo riverside / online options instead of our gym to continue classes
                    3. All CFK staff will refrain from personal trips / attending events / whatever the amendment says


    * We might have to close if the amendment orders all gyms to close down completely



    ★★★ Measures taken when we know one of our staff or a member who came in the past 2 weeks has the coronavirus ★★★


                    1. Close down for a 2 week quarantine period
                    2. Extend membership expiry dates for the time we’re closed



    We will keep you updated on the decision according to government, municipalities, and industry guidelines.


    Thank you for your cooperation and understanding

    CrossFit Kyoto


    Low-five 👍







    2020 February 28: Action Update from CrossFit Kyoto


    The Japanese government announced their policy about the Corona Virus. (see detail here)


    CrossFit Kyoto will keep collecting information from government and municipal offices to take measurements accordingly.


    If you as a members do not feel well (coughing / fever) or have traveled overseas, please refrain from coming to the gym and if you feel so inclined try working out lightly at home 😉  Click here


    We can do Crossfit anywhere ^v ^ /


    Let's sleep well, move well, eat well, and stay strong against any virus!


    At our Dojo, we decided to tighten prevention starting today:

                    • Coaches and staff will clean the training equipment and door handles more frequently.
                    • Furthermore, after each class we will clean equipment used - please help us with that, thank you!

    Our staff might wear masks during classes. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!


    We hope the coronavirus issue, affecting people all around the world, will end sooner than later!


    Wishing everyone best health & fitness

    Your friends at CrossFit Kyoto






    2020 January 29: Coronavirus countermeasures at CrossFit Kyoto



    Every day we hear new information about the coronavirus and the spread of its infection.

    The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare has announced that we should not worry too much for now and recommends implementing infectious disease prevention measures like those for the flu.



    ● We now have an antiseptic spray at CrossFit Kyoto, so please use it when at the gym.

    ● Other general preventative measures include frequently washing your hands with soap and wearing a mask if you are coughing.

    ● If you have a fever or are feeling unwell, please rest and recover rather than coming to the gym.


    Please take care of yourself and help us keep everyone healthy 🙂

    Your friends at CrossFit Kyoto

    Announcement from the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare here







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