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CrossFit Kyoto > > 🏢 A new coat of paint for a new look ✨

🏢 A new coat of paint for a new look ✨

Gym interior

Some of you may have noticed that our newly painted internal walls started to flake off after last summer’s continuous and heavy rainfalls (and wallballs 🙂 . We inquired with the landlord and after an expert looked at the damage it was decided that the whole building needed a new outside coat 🧥.

Gym exterior in March/April

In late March a scaffolding went up and for all of April the building and the CrossFit Kyoto front were wrapped in a veil for renewal.


Gym exterior with the new coat and better insulation against water leaks ✨

On Saturday, May 1st, after a last thorough scrubbing of the tiles all along the left side of the building, the scaffolding came down and revealed the shiny new grey tone of the freshly painted building.

No, unfortunately those are not new outdoor pull-up bars 😉. We are waiting for the awning to top off the new look after the metal frame received a fresh of rust protection and blue paint.

While keeping the old retro shape of the awning we are looking forward to having it in the CrossFit Kyoto colours soon.

Thank you, Yamamoto sama! 🙏

Update May 22 - CrossFit Kyoto Gym exterior with the new awning ✨

It's done: Y A Y !

Otsukaresama!! Thank you everyone for your patience and understanding ! 💐




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