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2021 CrossFit PairUP ThrowDOWN

The 2021 CrossFit Pair UP ThrowDOWN at CrossFit Kyoto Sat May 22.

"This new, single-workout competition is for any and all who want to work together to test their fitness and teamwork against peers across the globe. The PairUP ThrowDOWN has something to offer athletes of any age and every level."

The format is similar to the CrossFit Open so we can log results online and compare scores with other pairs in Japan and across the world .

The workout will be announced on the morning of Fri May 21 here:

We will do the WOD during regular classes on Sat May 22.

Mon May 24 is the score submission deadline, so you can decide if you want to log your results AFTER the workout.

Signup for the competition here:

"One athlete from the pair will register the pair. The athlete registering the pair will be designated as the Team Manager.

During the registration process, the Team Manager will select a division and age group, choose a team name, and enter the details for their partner. Once they complete the registration process ... and pay the registration fee, they will be able to invite a potential teammate via email.

The registration fee for each division is US$20."

"Teams have the option to compete in the following divisions:

• Man/Man (M/M)
• Woman/Woman (W/W)
• Man/Woman (M/W)"

"Within each division, pairs will also be grouped based on age. Each division will have four different age groups:

• Open age group: At least one athlete on the team is 34 years old or younger
• 35-44 age group: Both athletes on the team are 35-44 years old
• 45-54 age group: Both athletes on the team are 45-54 years old
• 55+ age group: Both athletes on the team are 55 years old or older"

"Should the pair consist of athletes in different age divisions, the pair will be placed in the younger of the two divisions (i.e., If a 35-year-old athlete and 50-year-old athlete team up, the pair will be placed in the 35-44 age




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