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CrossFit Kyoto on MBS TV 📺 JAPAN

Last week CrossFit Kyoto had a sudden & unexpected visit from Sherlock Holmes! 🔍

To tell the truth he just looked like Sherlock and he wasn’t searching for clues to a crime, he was 🔎 investigating the noren on Kitaoji Shinmachi street for a TV program on MBS, “Kyoto Noren Shintei” 

The broadcast will be on Monday, June 28 starting from around 18:00.

Our gym used to be a sento and noren are a part of the old traditions of Kyoto and Japan. Changing with the seasons and enchanting door ways as they ripple in the breeze, noren come in all kinds of sizes, colours, materials and anything from rather zen to more lively, colourful and modern design. Ela really likes fabrics and after the sento was no longer in use she received a whole stack of old noren from our landlady, who had carefully folded them up and had kept them stored away in a drawer. In accordance with one of CrossFit Kyoto's values of re-cycling, re-using and up-cycling Ela created a use for them, dividing the main public spaces from the changing room and shower areas. She enjoys surprising CFK members with new versions befitting the seasons and events happening at CrossFit Kyoto.

Detective “Sherlock” 🔎 Fukushima came to see why we still had the noren and how we employ them. 

Together we discussed what makes noren so interesting, charming and why they are such a lovely part of Japanese culture. 


Of course 'Sherlock' Fukushima was introduced to CrossFit via deadlifts and pull-ups. He was utterly surprised at how scaling allowed him to complete a pull-up and gain a very different view of the ‘noren crime scene’.

The noren are actually visible all the way from Shinmachi road, so you can always come and have a peak into the back of our gym to enjoy the ever-changing sento-noren designs. Maybe you would also like to try out a CrossFit class (or two) once your interest in our noren has been satisfied, that way you will be able to experience how you too can change with the seasons, thanks to consistent exercise.

Noren detective 🕵️‍♂️ Fukushima’s visit was a  truly delightful experience and we couldn’t let this intriguing event pass by with no-ren-raku for our members… 😉

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