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The 5 parts of the Clean and Snatch

Hello, it's Tatsuro again!

In this article, I'll explain about the different parts of the Clean and Snatch.

First of all, please watch this video of a Clean.

The Clean is familiar to all CrossFit athletes.

In fact, the Clean and Snatch consist of 5 parts:

1) Starting position

2) 1st pull 

3) Transition

4) 2nd pull

5) Catch

In this article, I would like to explain each part using the Clean as an example.

1) Starting position

The starting position is similar to that of the deadlift, but the hips should be lower than in a deadlift and the shoulders should be directly above or slightly in front of the bar. Keep your chest up.

2) The 1st Pull

The first pull is the part of the movement where the bar is pulled from the floor to the knees.

Do not just pull the bar up, pull it so that you reach the hang position when the bar reaches your knees (please check out my previous post about the hang position).

3) Transition

The transition occurs when the barbell moves from the knees and into the hip.

It is an important change between the first pull and the second pull.

The key point is to pull the barbell into the hip joint, not to move the hip joint closer to the barbell.

4) 2nd pull

The 2nd pull is where the power of the lower body explodes vertically.

It is here that the triple extension of the hip, knee and ankle joints occurs.

(5) Catch

This is where you receive the barbell, on your shoulders in the clean and above your head in the snatch, and stand up.

The depth of the squat at the time of the catch divides it into squat and power versions (please check out my previous post about the squat and power versions of these movements).

If you can link these five parts together smoothly, you will be able to perform a good Clean or Snatch.
Knowing the five parts will also help you to analyse your form, as you'll be able to see where your weaknesses are and where you break down when the weight goes up!

If you're recording videos of your practice on a regular basis, check them out and think about what you're doing and not doing well in these five areas!

So far, we've mostly explained the Clean and Snatch, but if you have questions about other CrossFit movements please feel free to contact us.

See you next time!




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