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2021 Muscle-Up Seminar Sat Nov 27

💪 Get Your First Muscle-up Sat Nov 27 - 13:00-14:30

Join us for a fun afternoon of movement and camaraderie as we tackle this landmark CrossFit skill together. Everyone is welcome and everyone can benefit (yes, even if you don’t have pull-ups yet 😉) The building blocks of the muscle up are skills and movement patterns that are necessary in other areas such as pull-ups and push-ups, and help improve mobility, coordination and strength. Sign up now and we’ll see you there!

Seminar Focus: how to get your FIRST MUSCLE-UP 😀

We will be working on how to achieve the kipping bar muscle-up and strict ring muscle-up.

You will learn the different parts of the ring and bar muscle-up, where you have a weakness either in technique or strength and how to overcome those weaknesses during your own practice time.

Seminar content:

1. Introduction to the component parts of the muscle-up and differences between bar and rings
2. Drills to improve each part of the muscle-up
3. Exercises to bring muscle-up components together
4. Assisted practice time
5. Your first muscle-up? 😉

For CrossFit Kyoto members the seminar can be booked using your membership tickets.


Non-members are very welcome, too: you can join at a drop-in fee of ¥6,000 (plus tax) payable by credit card at the time of reservation through the schedule page. The seminar will be 90 min long and held in both English and Japanese.

Click Here to Sign Up

💪 We're looking forward to seeing you and 'hanging out' together !

Update: Alvin's First Muscle-up Dec 6

Congratulations to Alvin on his First MU just a week after the seminar!

"I found everything to be really precise and useful. To have been able to do a MU a week after the seminar is a testament that everything was well-taught."

Feedback Thanks

Thank you to all the participants for your great feedback and inspirations from the questionnaire. We will take your requests to heart and will be adding more workshops throughout 2022. Looking forward to the next challenge and celebrating your success too. 💪




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