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Ayano's CrossFit Level 1 Experience at Crossfit Kumamoto Nov 6/7, 2021

Another one of our members, Ayano, attended the Level 1 CrossFit seminar and kindly shares her experience on our blog. (read Hitoshi's report here)
If you are interested in the Level 1 or just want to get a feel for the atmosphere, read on!

Hi, this is Ayano and I'd like to share my experience at the L1 Course

I attended the CrossFit level 1 seminar at CrossFit Kumamoto on Nov 6-7. It was a really fun and valuable experience! I took the exam and managed to pass first time.

To tell the truth, I wanted to be an athletic trainer therefore I majored in training, sports injuries and rehabilitation in college. I had some experience and knowledge of training, but CrossFit is a new field for me and so I learned a lot of new things at this seminar. One of the best parts of the seminar was that we were able to learn the nine foundational movements in a structured manner. I was able to discover my own movement habits and how to use my body efficiently.

Besides, many stronger trainees participated in the course and they totally inspired me!😆

I really recommend this seminar to anyone who wants to know more about CrossFit. I passed the seminar successfully, but Level 1 is just an introduction so I'm going to try my best to pass the higher levels too!

Thank you all for your continued support 😊

Thank you, Ayano! What's your next goal?

Ayano, thank you very much for sharing this inspiring experience at the two-day seminar in Kumamoto.
We're super excited for you to have successfully passed the exam and be certified as a "CrossFit Level 1 Trainer": CONGRATULATIONS! Are you going for the CF Level 2 challenge soon? You don't even have to travel abroad for that these days 😉

Interested in CrossFit Certifications?

If you're interested to know more about the certifications possible as a Crossfit Trainer and future seminars, please let our staff know, too. When CrossFit Kyoto members decide to do the course together they can inspire each other to study and then have extra fun traveling together, too. Ayano was surprised to meet two of our members in CrossFit Kumamoto at the same course 😀

The next CrossFit Level 1 seminars will be held in Okinawa Nov 20/21, Tokyo Dec 11/12, Sapporo Jan 8/9, Kobe Feb 12/13.
These are two-day seminars where you can learn about the basic principles and fundamental movements of CrossFit.
Here is the link to other L1 courses:

(PS. Since January 2021 the L1 is possible ONLINE but in English only! )




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