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'CrossFit GAMES OPEN' Prep Classes at CF Kyoto

CF GAMES OPEN Prep Classes

By popular demand we’re temporarily (Dec-Feb) offering a specific class on Sundays in December
DEC 5, 19, 26: 13-14:30
and Saturdays in 2022
JAN 8, 15, 22, 29: 13:00-14:30
FEB 5, 12, 19: 13:00-14:30
FEB 25 the OPEN starts!

If you’re interested in joining the CF Games Open we highly recommend you sign up.
The class is 90min long and takes 2 tickets.
Bookings are necessary by 21:00 the night before as a minimum of 3 participants are needed.
If this number is not reached the class will be canceled by 21:30 and you will be informed by LINE.

Make sure you put yourself on the waiting list if the class is full and we’ll see what can be done, and especially when there are sudden cancellations we can inform wait-listed members immediately.

You will be able register here after JAN 13th 2022 until the deadline of FEB 29.
The participation fee is $20.
We will upload more specific information with more details closer to the time

The CrossFit Games Open competition 2022 starts on Feb 25 & lasts 3 weeks

The Open is the first part of a competition which leads eventually to in person finals in July.
A new Open Workout will be announced each Friday (Feb 25, Mar 4, and 11).

There are 3 different levels of workouts so anyone can compete:
RX - at this level you will need to be able to Muscle-ups
Scaled - at this level you will need to be able to do pull-ups

Foundations - at this level you can do ring-rows or other replacements for pull-ups

After completing the workout at CF Kyoto participants can submit their scores online at and see how they compare to other fitness fans around the world 🌎

Read more about last year's Open here


Class Content

In this 90 min class we will be working on:
- Skills necessary for RX level participation e.g. double & triple unders, toes to bar, muscle-ups, HSPU
- Stamina, to increase the number of reps you are able to do for these movements
- Pacing, so that you know how hard to push without burning out 
- Anaerobics, so that you CAN push just a little more 

The class will have 3 general sections, Sustain, Gain and Pain:
1. Sustain: Aerobic, pacing & volume work to build your ability to complete the workouts
2. Gain: Skills & strength work, especially gymnastics & olympic lifts so that you will know your ability level and will be able to choose accordingly when movements appear in the Open WODs
3. Pain: Anaerobic training, short (30-120 sec) workouts to increase your power output and ability to push through discomfort

We're looking forward to training together for this exciting event!




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