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Hitoshi's CrossFit Level 1 Experience at CrossFit Kumamoto Nov 6/7, 2021

Another of our members, Hitoshi, also attended the Level 1 CrossFit seminar in Kumamoto and is happy to share his experience on our blog.

We really like his report - it's actually more of a tale - and we are certain you'll get a lot out of it, including a good chuckle!

Hi, my name is Hitoshi and I have been doing CF for about 2 years now

Thank you for a wonderful time at CrossFit (CF) Kyoto! I've been doing CF with you all for about two years now, and decided to try the CrossFit Level 1 course.

I attended the Level 1 in Kumamoto because I wanted to learn more about CF and I was interested to find out what it takes to become a CF trainer. Why did I choose Kumamoto, when it's so far away?
Because I wanted to try horse sashimi and shochu!! 😉

I arrived in Kumamoto on the evening before the course and did a quick run around Kumamoto Castle to prepare for the seminar.

The training was mainly in the format of lecture, movement practice, lecture, movement practice; followed by a test at the end of the second day, The moves included squats (air, front, overhead), press (shoulder, push, push jerk), deadlift, thruster, medicine ball clean, kipping pull up, and muscle up. It was a great opportunity to reacquaint myself with some of the advice that Coach Russell & Tatsuro usually give me (I realized that this was what they had been saying all along!).

I was also happy to meet Ayano-san, another member of Kyoto CF! What serendipity! As we usually attend classes at different times we met each other for the first time in Kumamoto (lol). (read Ayano's report here)

I was tempted to go out on the town after the first day, but I had a test to study for the next day, and the WOD was harder than I expected, so I had to content myself with Kumamoto Ramen 🙃

By participating in the Level 1 course, I was able to learn more about CrossFit, and I feel that I was able to systematize the knowledge and skills that I have been taught so far. Thank you to the Kyoto CF team for encouraging me to take this course, and thank you to Mai and Masahiro for their advice on the test!

I'm going to do my best to retake the test while participating in the CF workouts!
By the way, the horse sashimi (rich in protein, low in fat and carbs) ...I ate on the Shinkansen on the way home, it was fantastic! 😆


Thank you, Hitoshi!

We all enjoyed your story and we are keeping our fingers crossed for a successful retest on December 7th. You got this! How about we all go have horse sashimi together after you pass!?

Interested in CrossFit Certifications?

If you're interested to know more about the certifications possible as a Crossfit Trainer and future seminars, please let our staff know, too. When CrossFit Kyoto members decide to do the course together they can inspire each other to study and then have extra fun traveling together, too. We might even be able to extend the trip and include a day enjoying the local specialties and sights together!  😁

The next CrossFit Level 1 seminars will be held in Tokyo Dec 11/12, Sapporo Jan 8/9, Kobe Feb 12/13.
These are two-day seminars where you can learn about the basic principles and fundamental movements of CrossFit.
Here is the link to other L1 courses:

(PS. Since January 2021 the L1 is possible ONLINE but in English only! )




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