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I had 7 years of back pain before joining CrossFit Kyoto

mid 30ies, *2/week + Customized Program

I have suffered from back pain for 7 years. Less than one year ago I started doing CrossFit and my back pain improved a lot. I didn't experience any more problems in daily life, unless I had to sit for a long time at work, which made the pain worse. I decided to try a ✨Customized Back Program✨ by CrossFit Kyoto's head coach Russell.

After only two months, my back is much better and I can bend without any problems.

With the focus of a ✨Customized Program✨ I felt that I was strengthening my lower back more intensively than in the regular classes, which was very rewarding.

The program itself was also easy to follow as it was uploaded on WodUp and I could conveniently track my results.


I think that this kind of ✨customized individual programming✨ is good for people like me who have problems with certain parts of the body, as well as for people who want to concentrate on strengthening specific areas or learn new techniques and exercises.


At the moment, I have basically no pain in my back, but if it returns, I might ask for another ✨individual program✨ 😀


✨ Customized Programming for Basic Buffing Sessions ✨


Do you

  • have a specific issue with neck, shoulders, back, hips or/and knees and want to try a different approach to get better?
  • want to make the most of your Basic Buffing (BB) sessions but don’t know how to go about it? 
  • have a specific goal you want to work on in your own time?
  • know how to move and just need a little help creating the sessions?
  • want to push your limits without falling victim to ruts & routines?
  • need help seeing the bigger picture and applying that to the details?

We can create a specific ✨customized program✨ just for you! It takes the guesswork out of your hard work and will help you make the best of your BB sessions. Try it and experience how an hour at the gym can become the perfect me-time, a fun hour that’s special and so good for you.

Fees depend on the program and the number of times per month you can dedicate towards the changes you'd like to make. Please let us know and we will send you an email with a free taster session and the prices: info@crossfitkyoto.com

We are very much looking forward to helping you improve your quality of life, too.





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