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After 2 months of training my pain receded!

40s, CrossFit 2/week

I joined the Crossfit Kyoto Community in February 2019.

Before coming to CrossFit Kyoto I would feel regular neck and low back pain, due to stress and bad posture at work or at home.

In order to solve that I tried different measures, including yoga or chiropractic. The pain would eventually recede for a short while, but would surely come back in moments of great stress, usually at the end of every fiscal year.

In 2019, following the suggestion from a friend, and as a preventive preparation for that end of fiscal year, I decided to try CrossFit for the first time.

The warm and welcoming atmosphere at CrossFit was so attractive!

Russel and Ela are great hosts, later Tatsuro joined to reinforce the exceptional team, and the community in general is super nice. Moreover, after two months of training my pain receded!!

During the peak of Coronavirus crisis, I had to stay away for almost two months.
The pain came back and I have proof that CrossFit really supported my health. I’m so glad to be back in the gym again...

Andrea, 40s, Kyoto, CrossFit 2/week




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