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🌎 The 2022 CrossFit Open 🌏

You may have heard some members talk about it.
You may have seen Instagram or Facebook posts and articles.
You may have wondered what all that excitement and camaraderie was about.
It happens every year.Β 

It's the CrossFit OPEN! which this year starts on Feb 25.

The OPEN is the first part of a competition called the CrossFit GAMES which leads eventually to in person finals in August. Being only 3 weeks long in 2022 means there will be only 3 workouts, making it easier to take part, complete the whole thing and create a 🌏 global atmosphere by connecting to other fitness fans around the world 🌎 (especially as we cannot travel).

In 2021 some of us joined, finished all 3 weeks, and were able to compare our level of fitness with other CrossFitters around the world. Some of us just joined for the sheer fun of it and took part in one or two of the workouts, sharing our sweat and joy with the all the other fans and enthusiasts.

You can read some impressions of the Open from last year's participants here.

The CrossFit OPEN started in 2011 and is the largest participatory sporting event in the world, with more than 263,000 participants in 2021.

Masters, teen, and adaptive divisions welcome a broad group of participants; and continent-based semifinals guarantee that athletes from all areas of the world will be represented at the Games.


Announcement Dates for the OPEN πŸ‹πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

A new OPEN Workout will be announced each Friday (Feb 25, Mar 4, and 11).
To sign up for reminders for the OPEN and all the events of the CrossFit GAMES season, click here.

Participants can submit their scores on until the following Tuesday at 09:00 each week
(Mar 1, 8, and 15).

The CrossFit GAMES Finals will be held at Madison, Wisconsin Aug 4-7.


Registration, Workouts, Judging & Upload of Results for the Open πŸ‹πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

Check out our detailed blog with pictures & explanations about the OPEN registration, workouts and how to upload your results:
How do I Join the CrossFit Open?

OPEN workouts will be announced at 05:00 Japan time so you can look forward to finding out the WOD as soon as you get up πŸ™‚

Judging for members will be available on Saturdays from 13:00.
If you wish to repeat a workout, or cannot take part on Saturdays, judging is possible for Β₯4,400 outside of regular class times.Β 

Judging for visitors will be available by appointment on Sundays or Mondays outside of class time, as a precaution against covid-19, for the regular drop-in fee of Β₯4,400
Contact us here for OPEN judging.

(This is based on current information [Feb 3] and may change depending on the corona situation at the time of the Open)

CrossFit OPEN Prep Classes πŸ‹πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

If you'd like to really do your best during this year's OPEN competition try our OPEN Prep Classes on Saturdays 13:00-14:00
Learn skills, pacing and strategy while practicing for stamina, endurance, speed and power with a fun group in a friendly, encouraging and challenging atmosphere.

For more information check out the OPEN Prep Class blog

Let's do this together, even if you cannot participate in the workout you can participate in the πŸ‘ cheering πŸ‘ - See you soon!




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