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CrossFit Kyoto > > Double Under Seminar, Sat 26 March 13:30

Double Under Seminar, Sat 26 March 13:30

As announced in our previous blog, we've put together a seminar on double-unders (DU)!
Sat 26 March 13:30-14:30

Anyone who wants to practice double-unders is welcome:
  • you want to be able to do DU but can't
  • you can do DU but have trouble stringing them together
  • you want to be more efficient, so you can relax during a WOD or perform better in next year's OPEN

In this one hour seminar we will work on basic jumping technique to build a base for double-unders and better efficiency. We will also teach how to fix common mistakes that prevent you being able to double-under or string them together easily. 

Seminar Content

1. Correct single-under technique (including choosing the length of the rope, how to hold it, etc.)
2. Moving from singles to double-unders
3. How to string double-unders together effectively
4. Common mistakes in double-unders and tricks to correct them

CrossFit Kyoto members can book the seminar with their class tickets (you need one ticket only!).
Click here to book.

We look forward to seeing you all there!

Double Under Challenge!

Now you know how to do double-unders let's try out your new skill or increased efficiency 🙂
After the seminar we will be running a challenge to see who can do the most DU in 2 min.

There will be 2 levels:
RX = members who could do DU before the seminar
初心者 = members who get DU during or after the seminar

You have 2 chances to compete for prizes!

1. Upload a video of your 2 min of DU to instagram and tag CrossFit Kyoto so we can check your score
2. Live - at the Hanami event on Sun April 3rd

You are welcome to do both and submit your best score on WodUp 




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