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Master the Double-Under - Join our Seminar end of March !

The other day one of our members asked "How can I learn to do double-unders?"

The double-under comes up a lot in our classes, as well as in the CrossFit OPEN, and it can be a tricky move to master,. Many of us are struggling to improve and we usually have to scale them. There are ways to make the double-under, and jump rope in general, more efficient - so much so that for some people they can almost become a rest in the middle of a workout!

In this video we show a variety of scaling options that will help you towards the final goal of unbroken double-unders during a workout:

Which of theses options have you tried? Where do you have difficulty? Where has the advice been helpful and improved your technique?

Double Under Workshop Sat March 26 13:30-14:30

Do you want to get your first double-under or would you like to improve your jump rope technique in general, to be more efficient and up your game, while reducing effort?
Simply sign up on the schedule here.

Double Under Challenge 💪😃

For some after-OPEN fun -> watch this space, we'll be announcing details soon!




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