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Common Hang Position Errors

Hi there, it's Tatsuro again,

In a previous article I explained the hang position and the key points of performance. In this blog I will outline some common errors in the hang position for both the clean and snatch.

Common Error 1: Rounded back

In the picture above, my chest and hips are rounded.
With a posture like this, as the shoulders are hunched, we cannot keep the bar close to the body which is important for completing olympic lifting movements. In addition (and perhaps more importantly) rounding the back like this increases the strain on the lower back and will eventually lead to injury.

Common Error 2: Bar away from the body

In the photo above, the bar is too far away from my body.
When the bar is not kept close to the body, the centre of gravity shifts forwards, this causes the body to move forward as you start the clean. The movement is inefficient as we cannot use the hip power effectively and will probably mean we miss the lift, as we cannot receive the bar in a balanced position.

Common Error 3: Hips too low

The hang position is a good morning (hinge) movement that uses the hip joints, but in the picture above the hang position has been achieved with a squat instead of a hinge.
If you do a clean or snatch from this position, you will not be able to use the muscles in the hips and back of the thighs.

If you find yourself with any of these hang position errors, please check out the previous article and try to create a good hang position.

I highly recommend you take a photo or video of yourself to check out your hang position!




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