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New Strength Class Times & Weightlifting Focus

In July, Aug & Sept the Strength class will focus on Olympic weightlifting (Oly lifting)

From August we will be expanding to 2 classes per week:
Monday 19:20
Saturday 11:50

There are 2 movements in weightlifting, the snatch and the clean & jerk

If you do not know what these movements are please check out Tatsuro's blog articles here:

"These lifts train athletes to effectively activate more muscle fibers more rapidly than through any other modality of training. The explosiveness that results from this training is of vital necessity to every sport."
CrossFit Level 1 Training Guide pp. 11

A great deal of flexibility in the shoulders, hips and ankles, as well as strength, balance and coordination are necessary for weightlifting. Due to these requirements and the speed & power needed to successfully perform these movements, technique is much more important than strength. With that in mind we will be focusing on correct technique instead of lifting as heavy as possible each time.

Tatsuro will be dividing the class plan into 3 options so you can focus on either the snatch, the clean or the jerk.




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