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Organic Veggies for Sale


Rather than just preaching about how wonderful it is to eat organic veggies and support local farmers, we bring that opportunity straight from the Shugakuin Rikyu Imperial fields to the weekly vegetable market at CrossFit Kyoto. 

Jiro is a one man enterprise. He is working tirelessly to grow food in a sustainable and organic way. I can see how much love and attention he puts into his fields and his work when I go up the Shugakuin hill to put in the weekly order. If you let Ela know a week ahead of time which one of his goodies you’d like, we will do our best to get it to you the following Saturday/Sunday (depending on availability). 

Supplier 'JIRO FARM'


Jiro san does his absolute best to supply us with fully organic goods grown from heritage seeds in super healthy & mineral rich soil. This means it’s not only safe but so very beneficial for us to eat and I can tell by the deep & real flavour - yum! 

Also, eating locally means we’re eating according to the season which brings the right nutrients to the body in the time of year they grow: organic root vegetables in winter warm the body and the soul!

The variety he offers inspires new and different dishes as well, which is wonderful for all the creative cooks here at CrossFit Kyoto: Keep sharing your fabulous recipes! ARIGATO!

Jiro’s vegetables are Happy & Genki Veggies and we hope to bring that happiness & good health to your table. Bon Apétit!




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