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Dear Crossfit Kyoto members 👋

Would you like to do a Workout with your Friends & Family?

Know someone who 

  • has been looking for a CHANGE of lifestyle? 
  • could BENEFIT from CrossFit? 
  • wants to TRY it but needs a friendly nudge to get moving? 

🍀 Here’s your chance: 

Bring your Buddies, 

…pals, amigos, bros, sisters, cousins, soul mates, confidants, schoolmates, workmates, husbands, wives, aunties & uncles, parents, and/or grandparents for a fun and Beginner-friendly Partner WOD!

Thursday February 23rd @ 11:50

A perfect inspiration for joining a 🌱 Wakaba Style Class together with your parents, grand parents, uncles, aunties or siblings, too!


Did you know that the Wakaba classes are ideal for people who don’t normally exercise and aren’t confident in working out; for people who are recovering from an injury and for people aged 60+.
If you're interested please read more about the Wakaba Classes we offer in the 'PS' below or here on our website!



Members work out for free 

Buddies ¥1,100 (incl tax) instead of the regular ¥4,400

(the class max is 10 people, members and friends or family)

People who sign-up for the Fundamental Course ON THE SAME DAY will receive it at the 

✨ SPECIAL RATE of 22,000¥ ✨ (8 classes per month, including tax) 

instead of ¥25,300 - save more than ¥3,000!

👜 What to bring

+ A towel (to wipe off the results of a good workout 😃)

+ Your own bottle: We try to be environmentally conscious where we can and we offer natural well water for FREE! (you can bring your own reusable bottle for a refill. Don’t worry it is tested by Kyoto City and it is also filtered with a powerful carbon filter).

 Clothing 👞

+ Workout gear
+ shoes (no special indoor shoes needed).


Sign up 📝

You can sign up on the CrossFit Kyoto Coubic schedule.
Members work out for free, buddies ¥1,100 (cash on the day).

Both members and your buddies can simply book the class through the usual schedule - it won't charge you as it is set up to be free.
We will send directions for how to find the gym to your buddy's sign-up email address. You can also both come to the gym together.

We are looking forward to working out together! 💪😃

P.S. WAKABA 🌱 Classes

These classes are ideal for people who don’t normally exercise and aren’t confident in working out, for people who are recovering from an injury and for people aged 60+.

Wakaba classes support the development of healthy exercise habits and basic physical strength, they have an even smaller number of participants than our other options. The coaches can focus on adjusting movements and workouts more individually, based on each individual’s fitness level, age, or injury state.

While compound movements are still a staple ingredient, as in our CrossFit & SimpleFit classes, in the Wakaba classes they are broken down more into their components parts. Balance, coordination, endurance, stamina and strength are all trained and practiced with a focus on low impact and safety to promote long-term health and fitness throughout your lifetime.

💪 Once you have recovered, gained confidence or started looking for a new challenge 👏 you can discuss with the coaches about participating in CrossFit or SimpleFit classes.




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