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CrossFit Kyoto > > Sat APRIL 22/2023 Breathing Workshop #2

Sat APRIL 22/2023 Breathing Workshop #2

Breathing Workshop Sat April 22nd with Tatsuro

In the previous workshop, we introduced the mechanics of breathing, the effects on the body when breathing is not done properly, and exercises to restore natural breathing.

The theme of this workshop is intra-abdominal pressure

Last time we only touched on it a little, but this time we will practise increasing abdominal pressure and actually connect it to squats.

Intra-abdominal pressure is the pressure in the abdominal cavity, the part of the abdomen that contains the organs.
By increasing intra-abdominal pressure:
  • The load on the spinal column is distributed safely!
  • The trunk is stabilized and power is transmitted more efficiently!
These are great benefits!

Let's practice "intra-abdominal pressure" together, as it is very important for safe training and performance improvement!

Workshop content

The workshop will focus on the theme of "Connecting Breathing to Training" and will include the following
(1) Stretching and exercises to create a state that facilitates increased abdominal pressure
(2) How to increase and maintain abdominal pressure
(3) Practice for actual exercises

Date and time

Saturday 22 April 13:15-14:30


How to Book / Fees

'SPECIAL DEAL for CFK Members!
75+ min workshop for the same price as a 1 Class ticket' - book early to secure your spot  here Coubic
This workshop is for CrossFit Kyoto members only.

Recommended for people who...

If you attended our last workshop but:

  • Do not know what abdominal pressure is
  • Do not know how to apply abdominal pressure
  • You have injured your back during training in the past

Anyone else interested in breathing is welcome to join us!

We look forward to breathing out with you!

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