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2024 Schedule

🌞 Summer Schedule Jul 1 - Sept 30 2024 🌞

To beat the heat 🎵 weekend classes move one hour earlier from July 1st and after July 16th the Tuesday 17:30 will be back in October 😁

Schedule From April 2024

The Tuesday 20:00 slot has become a fundamentals class and by popular demand we have expanded the Wakaba options to include Sundays at 11:50 

2024 Schedule

After much consideration and many changes & readjustments, here is the new schedule from Jan 2024.

We’ll do a trial run until March 2024 to see how it all works out for everyone. There will be a few differences in the New Year as we are re-opening on Thursday 4th so please double check with the schedule on Arbox.

We have done our best to balance the class times & types (including very important trial and fundamental slots) while considering the other work it takes to run CrossFit Kyoto sustainably.

As you can see, Friday is now a day off, as those classes have been the least busy. We will be open on Sundays since many of you can only come at the weekend. Having Sunday available means that you have another option if you cannot make it on Saturdays.

See the 2023 schedule blog here




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