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Crossfit offers fun menus and a variety of programs for all!

Fun workouts and a great community make it easy to maintain our health and a regular training schedule without getting bored.

Crossfit started in California, USA and its popularity soon spread around the world.
As of 2019, there are approximately 15,000 official Crossfit gyms.

The number of official Crossfit gyms in Japan is also increasing and Crossfit Kyoto was the 1st Crossfit gym in Kansai!
Crossfit Kyoto, established in 2011, is also the Crossfit gym in Kansai with the most training experience and coach development experience.

Crossfit spreading around the world

  • World map of Crossfit facilities

    As of 2019

  • Increase in Crossfit facilities

A more energetic and joyful daily life!

Want to engage in healthy activities but don’t really enjoy or know much about exercising? Want to resolve metabolic syndrome? Want to say good-bye to chronic or recent physical issues? Want to widen your circle of friends? Challenge and inspire yourself to start a new chapter in your life!

Crossfit is unique because it breaks down fundamental movements into 10 categories and evenly engages in each training category.

  • 歩く

Crossfit training is based on movements we use frequently in everyday life.

Many associate Crossfit with people who want to get muscular. At Crossfit Kyoto, rather than focusing on getting ripped, we know that everyone has a different ideal of fitness and we focus on supporting health for each individual.

The CrossFit Kyoto Concept Pyramid

  • [Lifestyle & Sports] With a solid base of support, we can focus on specific sports skills or simply enjoy more ease and effectiveness in daily life
  • [Lift & Throw] Once we develop a foundation of control we can extend this to moving external objects as well
  • [Functionality] Learning how to support and control our body, and expand our range of motion
  • [Metabolism] Exercise improves cardiovascular function, builds lean muscle, strengthens the core, supports a healthy metabolism and much more
  • [Nutrition & Lifestyle] High quality nutrition, sleep, and habits, are the foundation for building physical and mental health

*These reflect concepts adopted by Crossfit Kyoto.

Crossfit focuses on Balance

Crossfit does not focus on strengthening just one area of exercise performance.

With training that covers 10 fitness domains, you can make balanced improvements, both in daily life and in sports performance.

  • 1. Sustained cardiovascular function |
  • 2. Stamina |
  • 3. Muscle strength |
  • 4. Flexibility |
  • 5. Power |
  • 6. Speed |
  • 7. Coordination |
  • 8. Agility |
  • 9. Balance |
  • 10. Accuracy

Appeal of Crossfit Kyoto


Semi-Private/Personal Fun Training we can provide unique programs for all participants

In our semi-private/personal training, every movement is adjusted to the individual.
Enjoyable for both athletes and for people with no experience in exercising.

  • From kids to the elderly, coaches adjust movements and intensity based on individual fitness level, age, etc. You can make performance improvements, both in daily life and in sports. Various languages and ages provide a fun atmosphere for all, regardless of physical ability.

  • People of varying strength can participate in the same class by having different weights and enjoy the workout together.

  • The box is used in many CrossFit movements. For people who are injured or who cannot (yet 🙂 ) jump, our coaches will adjust the box to a different height or offer a simpler movement.

Small classes of up to 8 people enable the coaches to adjust the movement and intensity for each participant.


Benefits of CrossfFt Kyoto

High-quality coaches adjust the program based on individual strength level, age, exercise history, disability, injury, etc.
We help you improve cardiovascular function, flexibility, accuracy, strength, balance, speed, stamina, and more.

The body reacts strongly and positively to unfamiliar stimulation.

CrossFit incorporates non-routine movements to stimulate the muscles. This promotes effective cell stimulation and enables improvements in a short amount of time.

  • Testimonials
  • My back pain improved!
  • Just 1 hour twice a week improved my chronic pain!
  • My rehab from ligament damage was an enjoyable experience!
  • I now wear a size smaller!
  • Cured my cold intolerance and winters are easier to handle.
  • No longer need to go to the chiropractic clinic or massage, which saves me money!
  • Read more Testimonials. 


Training program that doesn’t get boring

CrossFit Kyoto coaches
select from thousands of movements to propose original programs for each session.

Ideal for people who would love to join a gym but get bored & uninspired with lonely machine training and quit before reaching their goals.

Even with the squat, there are many variations.
There are thousands of possible variations to exercise.


A diverse community (people of differing strength or fitness levels can work out and have fun together)

CrossFit has almost no age restrictions. Part of what makes CrossFit unique is the wide range of members.

You can enjoy CrossFit together with various people, from kids to the elderly, from many different backgrounds and countries, regardless of individual physical abilities.

Our community is a gathering of people not focused on who each person is, but of people who use CrossFit to create a joyful, fun and energetic life style.

Want to know more about CrossFit?

  • CrossFit is the fitness brand of Greg Glassman, who started in 2000 in the USA.
  • Click here for the CrossFit website (CrossFit Inc.) ≫
  • Official gyms are located in America and around the world. In 2005, there were only 13 total gyms, all in America. By November 2012, this number expanded to over 5,000. As of March 2019, it has reached over 15,000 and is still growing in 2021.

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