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  • CrossFit is known for its variety of movements. The rack is a perfect example of this philosophy, it works as a support for barbells, rings and ropes, allows body weight training and gymnastics movements and is even useful for stretching.

  • At the end of the café community space, through the Noren curtain, are the changing room area and showers. Cubby holes and lockers allow you to store your clothes, bags (and for our drop-ins there is enough space to store luggage).

  • We have 3 showers, each with a different design.

  • You can re-hydrate and re-energise before and after your workout. Or simply relax, have a drink and a chat.
    We have books and free Wi-Fi available in case you need to get some work, study or relaxation done.

Enjoy coffee and tea made with well water.

We have natural well water available around the clock (outside well water tap with access for anyone)

You can bring a container and take-away our natural & tasty well water 

Here's a short Training Room Intro video

[About the facilities]
- Showers / Changing Rooms / Toilets
- Lockers
- Relaxation and communication space 'WAKABar Nutrition Nook'
- Mirrors, hair dryer
- Massage chair
- Free Wi-Fi
- Bicycle, motorcycle parking space
- Public coin parking lots nearby
(payment required)

Our location at Wakaba-Yu (Young Leaf Spring)

This was a sento (public bath house) loved by all the locals and people from far & wide. It had its own well and was operated for 65 years.
Due to age, the owners closed this beloved spot in 2017.

  • When searching for a new location, CrossFit Kyoto was looking for a spacious property with high ceilings, centrally located with good access to public transport. Finding the right place to meet these needs turned out to be quite the challenge. Then we found Wakaba-Yu.
    A Sento (public bath house) is a place where people gather for a good time, to stay healthy and have fun together. This is very much in alignment with the ideals of CrossFit Kyoto. We met the owners and immediately hit it off with them!

    With Kamogawa River to the east and near the Kyoto Botanical Gardens, CrossFit Kyoto is also located between two UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Shimogamo Shrine and Kamigamo Shrine. Just a bit to the west you will find Daitokuji, a temple known for its relation to the monk Ikkyu.

  • We knew this was the spot.

    The interior of Wakaba Yu was in its original state.
    We wanted to maintain the essence of its interior so we met with the renovator SPACE MAGIC MON Co. on numerous occasions to create a plan. We needed a low-cost design that would become a good environment for members. The process was a long and difficult one, but finally and thanks to many peoples effort and support it is completed.

We appreciate good craftsmanship, and care deeply about our environment so we re-use and up-cycle wherever possible. These are just a few of the remnants from the former bath house Wakaba-Yu.

  • Lion spigot

  • Goddess Shower bath

  • The Wakaba Class derived from the former name of this bath house called Wakaba-Yu.

  • We use Kyoto Well Water

    We believe that a place with active well water is a place where life energy also bubbles up.

    Kyoto is located in a basin surrounded by mountains on all sides. The rainwater that falls gathers along these mountains and becomes the groundwater that we use. Since ancient times, well water has been considered the source of life. The human body is roughly 70% water. Wakaba Yu had its own well water which was used for its baths and for drinking. The water quality was highly praised and many people traveled long distances to bathe in the waters of Wakaba Yu.

    Since the previous pipes had deteriorated we needed to get them replaced. Thanks to the support of so many people we can now use this precious well water again. We are deeply grateful! The Wakaba-Yu well water was tested to check its safety and it passed with flying colours! You can see the great scores the water received in our Well Water Blog.





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