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CrossFit Program

For Semi-Private / Personal Training, you can consult with the coach regarding intensity.

*Fundamental classes for beginners are also conducted in a Semi-Private environment.

CrossFit Class

60 min/MAX 8 ppl

CrossFit Class

We use full body movements to train a variety of skills and muscle groups at the same time, increasing fitness, health and wellbeing.

CrossFit Classes incorporate a variety of movements using bodyweight, barbells, kettlebells and dumbbells, (if we had space at the gym for temple bells or church bells we would use those too! lol) .

Every class is coached in a semi-private setting (max 6 people) so that even compound, multi-joint exercises can be learned and incorporated into constantly varied and enjoyable workouts that stay fresh and challenging - even with years of experience. 

As the coaches adjust movements and intensity based on each individual’s fitness level, age, and skill, anyone can take part (after completion of the Fundamentals course).

SimpleFit Class

60 min/MAX 8 ppl

SimpleFit Class

The SimpleFit class program works with less complex, full body movements and workouts that lean more towards aerobic training and fat loss.

SimpleFit Classes are similar to our CrossFit Classes in that they incorporate a variety of movements using bodyweight, barbells, kettlebells and dumbbells in each session, while reducing the complexity of the exercises. Every class is coached in a semi-private setting (max 6 people) with constantly varied and enjoyable workouts that stay fresh and challenging even for people with years of experience.

While SimpleFit classes are recommended for people who are mostly interested in aerobic training and fat loss, strength training is still part of the curriculum as increased lean muscle mass helps burn fat throughout the day. People who want to maintain their health without engaging in complex weightlifting and gymnastic movements are also recommended to try out SimpleFit.

Wakaba Class

60 min/Smaller Class

Wakaba Class

Ideal for people who don’t normally exercise and aren’t confident in working out, for people who are recovering from an injury and for people aged 60+.

Wakaba classes support the development of healthy exercise habits and basic physical strength, they have an even smaller number of participants than our other options. The coaches can focus on adjusting movements and workouts more individually, based on each individual’s fitness level, age, and injury state.

While compound movements are still a staple ingredient, as in our CrossFit & SimpleFit classes, in the Wakaba classes they are broken down more into their components parts. Balance, coordination, endurance, stamina and strength are all trained and practiced with a focus on low impact and safety to promote long-term health and fitness throughout your lifetime.

Once you have recovered, gained confidence or started looking for a new challenge you can discuss with the coaches about participating in CrossFit or SimpleFit classes.

Diversity is key to a healthy mind and body!
In all our group classes, our coaches adjust the movements, repetitions and load to fit each participant. Participants can work out together with people of all different ages and physical abilities. This creates a great community feeling!

Click here for information on the flow of training.

Online Training

時計icon 60 min/MAX 8 ppl


COVID-19 times require a new approach to our health and to working out. Depending on your condition, you have the choice of coming to the gym or staying at home for your workout.

HomeFit online classes are available for people who cannot come to the gym due to time, distance or COVID restrictions. Our experienced coaches can adjust the program to whatever equipment is available (even if you have none :-)) so that increased fitness, health and wellbeing are possible even away from the gym. All you need is a cellphone/tablet or computer, one tatami of space and some regular household items such as a chair, towel, bag and PET bottles.

Contact us for more information on the Homefit Program and our other off site offerings.


30 or 60 min

Personal Training

Personal Training

Class suited to meet your objectives.
We offer 30 minute and 1-hour Personal Training sessions.
We identify individual skills, isolate and fix weaknesses and help you achieve your goals.

You also have the choice to participate in group classes and add Personal Training sessions to work on your specific goals or weaknesses.

*Ask us about group sessions for friends or family.

Optional Programs

CrossFit Consultation

CrossFit Consultation

You can receive a consultation at any time.
Check in with our coaches and make an appointment to consult about your physical concerns and how to benefit most from CrossFit.

Nutrition Class

Nutrition Class

Nutrition is a critical part of the CrossFit philosophy. It is the foundation for physical fitness. No matter how much you eat, if your meals are not nutritious, then you will not feel healthy or be the best you can.

CrossFit adopts the Zone eating method. In the Nutrition Class, participants are taught about this method. The Zone method focuses on restricting volume instead of restricting what we eat. By consuming carbohydrates, proteins, and fat at a ratio of 40%:30%:30%, we maintain a hormone balance. By not eating large volumes of carbohydrates, we stabilize our blood sugar and avoid insulin spikes (sudden surges in insulin levels). This reduces the risk of lifestyle diseases and promotes the creation of a balanced body inside and out.





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