Our 7 Anti-infection measures Join us in 7 Actions to prevent infection!

  • Smaller Classes

    Our MAX is usually 8 people in a semi-personal class. For your safety during the COVID-19 times we reduced that number to even less
    = 6 people only!

  • Access limitation to our gym

    we deny access to the gym for people who experience any of the following conditions:

    • If you have been coughing and/or have a fever
    • If in the past 2 weeks you have met or talked to someone who is coughing or has a fever

    If you experience any of the above conditions, we wish you a quick recovery and we can offer the choice to join our online training called “HomeFit” to stay fit! For more detail≫

  • Thorough ventilation

    We run the extractor fans and leave the doors and several large sliding windows and ceiling windows open at all times.

    Our gym used to be a Japanese public bath (Sento), so we have a naturally strong ventilation system ♪

  • Hand-washing

    Please wash your hands thoroughly both when you enter the gym (before getting changed) and after the class. Thank you!

  • Thorough Cleaning

    We continue a thorough cleaning routine, plus we encourage you to help yourself to the cleaners and wipe the equipment you have used before putting it back.

  • Avoid close contact

    Please arrive a maximum of 10 minutes before classes and pack up swiftly to go home early - this way we keep the risk of infection low and can avoid situations where everyone gathers in the changing or community areas.

  • Hygiene control in the kitchen

    Reusable towels and cups are no longer available. (We still offer rental towels for showers).
    To be eco-friendly, please bring your own bottles, coffee cups, and towels.

    Just in case you forget these, we have paper cups and paper towels
    (availability depending on supplies)
    Thank you for your kind cooperation 🙂 !




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