Our 7 Anti-infection measures Join us in 7 actions to prevent infection!

  • Smaller Class

    Our MAX is usually 8 people in a semi-personal class. For the Post-COVID-19 time, we reduced it to 6 people.

  • Access limitation to our gym

    we refuse access to the gym for people who experience any of the following conditions:

    • If you have a cough or/and fever recently
    • If you have met or talked to someone who is coughing or has a fever in the past 2 weeks

    Even if you have those conditions, you have another choice to join our online training “HomeFit” to stay fit! For more detail≫

  • Thorough ventilation

    We run the extractor fans and leave the doors / big windows open at all times.

    Our gym used to be a Japanese public bath(Sento), so we have strong ventilation system♪

  • Hand-washing

    Please wash your hands thoroughly both when you enter and after the class.

  • Thorough Cleaning

    We have been continuing a thorough cleaning routine, plus we encourage you to help yourself to the cleaners and wipe the equipment you have used before putting it back.

  • Avoid close contact

    Please arrive a maximum of 10 minutes before classes and pack up swiftly to go home early - this way we can avoid a situation where everyone gathers in the changing or community areas.

  • Hygiene control in the kitchen

    Reusable towels and cups are no longer available. (we still offer rental towels for showers). To be eco-friendly, please bring your own bottles, coffee cups, and towels.

    Just in case you forget these, we have paper cups and paper towels - all depending on supplies.




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