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Today, the focus of society has shifted from average life expectancy to healthy life expectancy: The ability to walk on our own and be healthy throughout our entire life. The mind and body are connected, so we cannot forget about our mental & spiritual health. In addition to exercise promoting physical health, we believe in eating a nutritious diet and keeping a balanced mind.

Our vision is of a place where a wide variety of people, including all ages, levels of ability & experience, can come together to increase fitness and quality of life. 

The meaning of fitness: physical health, good nutrition, and mental wellbeing, will vary from person to person. At CrossFit Kyoto, there is no need for everyone to follow the exact same program. Our experienced coaches adjust programs to suit each individual’s needs and goals. 

Though methods, programs and personal adjustments vary, our members are all making the journey together. Sharing joy and the adventure of movement, nutrition and community with a diverse group of people produces wonderful results. With each step on the path of sustainable health, longevity and balance we all contribute to greater enjoyment and increased quality of life for everyone.

Features at CrossFit Kyoto

  • Feature 01

    An official CrossFit facility, est. 2011

  • Feature 02

    One of the 3 first CrossFit gyms in Japan

  • Feature 03

    The first CrossFit gym in Kansai area

  • Feature 04

    Our head coach is a highly-experienced Level 3 Trainer

  • Feature 05

    Trained over 600ppl since 2011 *as of 2018

  • Feature 06

    Experience in training 8 coaches

  • Feature 07

    Eclectic & interesting mix of foreigners & Japanese

Our Environmentally and People Friendly Initiatives

  1. My Bottle Activity As part of our environmental awareness efforts, we provide free clean WELL water. Rather than purchasing water in PET bottles, we ask our members to bring their own refillable bottle.
    We also provide cups for people who don't have their own bottle.

  2. 3R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) We promote the 3Rs in our gym operations and product sales. Reduce (Avoid single-use items), Reuse (Use items more than once) and Recycle (Recycle when possible).
    Our t-shirts are made from eco-friendly materials: a blend of 50% organic cotton and 50 % recycled PET.

  3. Zero food loss and paperless The WAKABar Nutrition Nook does not produce any food loss. We arrange menus and conduct inventory management to eliminate waste and reduce garbage. Whenever possible, we also use a paperless system for enrollment procedures and internal meetings.

  4. Local production for local consumption, organic, fair trade The food & beverages we offer are procured from local sources whenever possible. Coffee and other items not available locally, are procured based on fair trade policies. Organic and gluten free items we offer are carefully selected by the owner Ela.

  5. Energy conservation Whenever possible we rely on natural airflow for cooling to promote low-energy operations. To keep members and the space cool during summer, we come up with all kinds of creative and environmentally friendly solutions like the well water mist, keeping all the windows open and the extractor fans and cooling fans on full power, and/or frozen pet bottles enjoyed by everyone for cooling down both during and after workouts. Crossfit inspires us to rely on our own body rather than machines so we can become fit without consuming or wasting electricity.

History of CrossFit Kyoto


  • 1995

    Russell traveled to Japan to study Aikido, the philosophy of which is physical and spiritual discipline in harmony with nature

  • 2005

    Russell moved to Kyoto to participate in Buddhist studies

  • 2005

    Russell and Ela meet

Before CrossFit Kyoto

  • 2009

    Russell obtains CrossFit Level 1 certification in Vancouver
    (At the time, Level 1 certification could not be obtained in Japan)

  • 2009

    Russell begins training as many as 5 students in Takaragaike Park

The Creation of CrossFit Kyoto

  • May 2011

    Registration with CrossFit headquarters to create CrossFit Kyoto

  • October 2011

    Russell rents a bamboo warehouse located west of Kyoto Imperial Palace to begin teaching

  • October 2011

    Russell teaches while Ela does DYI improvements

Gradual growth

  • October 2011

    First purchase of commercial barbells to switch from using stone barbells 🙂

  • August 2013

    Russell obtains Level 2 Certification

  • 2014

    Expansion of classes due to increased membership

  • September 2017

    Russell obtains Level 3 Certification

Relocation to Wakaba Yu (Public Bath House)

  • July 2019

    Decision to relocate to Wakaba Yu and Renovation of the old Sento (public bath house)

  • August 2019

    Start of Wakaba Classes

  • November 1 2019

    Wakaba Yu in Kitaoji is renovated and CFK relocates

Company overview

  • Company name:

    QAL 100 Co., Ltd. (QAL One Hundred)
  • Owner:

    Albisser Helene (Ela), Trott Russell Ewart
  • Established:

    June 3, 2019 (founded in 2011)
  • Location:

    56, Kita-onocho, Koyama, Kita-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto 603-8161
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